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  1. BigDaddyYumYum

    JZX81 Mark II - Yamaha Concept

  2. BigDaddyYumYum

    JZX81 Mark II - Yamaha Concept

    Kyle you definitely make some valid points (While I don't agree with it all). I was definitely at a cross roads when deciding if I keep it OEM or buy the kit. It was also difficult deciding if i should ditch the two tone and go for the single color (I got lots of heat from my closest friends on this one as most liked the uniqueness of the two-tone). Once i bought the wheels, i knew i had to go a single color. Once i saw how high it sat, and how the wheels "Poked", i went for the kit to give it a more uniform look. I have put lots of thought into how i wanted my car to turn out, and wanted to make that leap of staying away from the traditional. Sometimes that risk pays off, other times it doesnt. I knew i was going to piss people off along the way, but hey, you cant make everyone happy. Car turned out way better than i anticipated and to me, that's all that matters. So while I appreciate your kind words and opinion (I respect the fact that you're entitled to one), I wanted to take this opportunity to address the fact that it means absolutely fuck all to me (does make me lol a bit). Thank you all for your continued support and i'll be updating over time. Did't really mean for this to be a bitch sesh. /E-thug
  3. BigDaddyYumYum

    JZX81 Mark II - Yamaha Concept

    Ask and ye shall receive. Ill take more later Already sold I don't recall asking for your opinion, but thanks for providing it anyways.
  4. BigDaddyYumYum

    JZX81 Mark II - Yamaha Concept

    Mesh removed
  5. BigDaddyYumYum

    JZX81 Mark II - Yamaha Concept

    Front: 235/35 on a 10.5 Rear: 265/35 on a 11.5 Haters gonna hate
  6. BigDaddyYumYum

    JZX81 Mark II - Yamaha Concept

    Fast forward to today: ;; For those wondering, the color isnt just regular black. Its called Barolo Black (Range Rover OEM Color). Its Black in normal lighting and a reddish purple in direct sunlight. You can find more pics here: https://www.facebook.com/candyautobody I'm planning on getting more professional photos taken. As far as next steps for the car, im not happy with how the rear is sitting as its rubbing a lot. Ordering new skinner tires (255/35 i'm thinking) and will be throwing on some arms and stiffer coils. Ill post slowly but surely. For more pics follow me on IG: BigBuddyCarlos
  7. BigDaddyYumYum

    JZX81 Mark II - Yamaha Concept

    Original Owner (Eric) still has it. I have the TRD one that does the job, may pick up the Yamaha one though.
  8. BigDaddyYumYum

    JZX81 Mark II - Yamaha Concept

    Seasons Greetings. I never really post on here but i'm pretty stoked on life since my car got painted so figured i would share. Around 4 years ago, i sold my RB25 powerd S13 and found this Gem. I wont bore y'all with the details of what the Yamaha Concept came with, but aside from those goodies, car came with the blast pipes, Rota P45R's 18x9.5 front 19x10 rear. The car was also 5spd swapped and had tein coils. Other than that, the car was mostly stock. Car looked like so: After going through several sets of Rota's (they kept cracking), I decided to change up and get a more durable wheel. A friend was selling some varianza's and went that route. They were18x9.5 front 18x10 rear. If you're wondering why my hood doesnt look closed, its because someone backed up into me while i was at college. Someone also backed into my door and created a massive crater. Not gonna lie, this was the worst i've treated this car. Completely neglected it due to severe budget restraints (the struggle was real) Fast forward to today. I recently grabbed some Wald Duchatelets. I fell in love with these wheels and completely ignored the retarded sizing. 19x10.5 Front 19x11.5 rear +20 (25mm spacer front). I was contemplating going the GTR front lip route but couldnt find one locally. I also figured that since i was going 19's i should get skirts. With that logic, i opted for the SerialNine Type II Aero with trim delete. Just to give y'all an example of how much more aggressive the Wald's are, i threw on the varianzas.
  9. BigDaddyYumYum

    WTB: Clutch Master Cylinder (JDM)

    For the Mark II. Mine ate shit. Need to locate one. Cant use one from a LHD. I never check the site so email avelino.carlos@gmail.com. Thanks, Carlos
  10. BigDaddyYumYum

    WTB: R154

    as stated, looking for a r154 as mine is failing pretty hard. Prefer in lower mainland (bc) but let me know anyways. pm is key. Thanks, Carlos