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  1. still have visors, driveshaft and speed sensor
  2. Also have an OEM Toyota transmission mount (not bracket) with ~5000 miles.
  3. stock driveshaft 79,000 miles in great shape blue drivers and passengers sun visors. passenger side is missing the dowel. very clean. glove box compartment (55581-22130) very clean -SOLD 2jzge auto transmission speed sensor. practically new. Make offers. located in queens NY. willing to ship.
  4. MikeRN

    An offset fitment question that dont Suck mx83

    i've ran 8" inch wheels front and rear with a +50 offset. 205/55s up front with a 12mm spacer to clear the rim. your fronts should fit fine without a spacer. as far as the rears, you might rub the fender a bit depending on how wide a tire you run.
  5. u can use an auto harness and auto ecu fyi. intros lacking as ull soon find out from others
  6. MikeRN

    WTB Side window rain guards

    Gordo, those are aftermarket not OEM and taller as well.
  7. MikeRN

    WTB Side window rain guards

    I had a complete set that I sold a few years back on tc.net to some dude in Australia for close to 400 bucks. I had them listed on here but no one wanted em because of the price
  8. MikeRN

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    and was your heater working ? reason I ask is bc i believe my heater core is leaking as well (gurgling dash) but my heater works great.
  9. MikeRN

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    did u hear a gurgling sound coming from your dash before you actually found out youre heater core was leaking?
  10. MikeRN

    For Sale - X8 T1 Torsen W/ shafts

    dammit, I want this !
  11. Used, works great $50 shipped and paypaled obo paypal 2006limited@gmail.com
  12. MikeRN

    WTB: #2 speed sensor spline shaft

    LoL, Gordon I was looking for the speed sensor drive gear. I ordered a new one this morning. Only $17 from Toyota.
  13. Looking for the spline that's attached to the #2 speed sensor on the tail shaft from an NA 2J Automatic GS300/Supra trans Need one ASAP text 718 506 6934.