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  1. oh yea. btw, fingured this out. somehow pulled the seal through the dust sheild on removal.. new one just wouldn't go back in, my young apprentise pulled out the tin ring... musta been what you were trying to tell me thanks Radial. Happy holidaze JZX doods.
  2. *or i guess ya, i am trying to push the seal into the "deflector", ill post a pic later.
  3. I cant see your pic.. but i get what you are saying i think?.. but no.. The larger seal was the first thing to get popped out, before i knocked out the hub and unblolted the backing plate.. I'm going to try to get a generic seal ordered up by dimension.. or maybe this one was mis-packaged>>????? ERMEHGERRRD car is beached. I'll dig the old seal outta the gabage to measure up & make sure i'm not trippin.......
  4. Heyo. Anybody ever come across this? I have this '97 chaser all ripped apart on the left rear corner. New bearing is all pressed in all good, the outer seal (goes on first, out against the hub) and the wheel bearing itself were a perfect fit, inner seal is wrong. (based off the same part #'s as mk3 supra, mx83 etc.) ToyoDIY list these same #'s for the jzx100, but the inner side seal- (that rides up on the end of the half shaft) Outside diameter is a couple mils too big!!?? is300 part #s appeared to be entirely different for all three pieces... The seal i got; 90311-63001 has a 90mm OD and 63MM id... i need more of a 88mm o.d., 63mm id.. not finding one like this when i search by size. Local toyota dealers refuse to speak jdm part #'s. My lil' buddy in japan is trying to help.. coming back soon tho, so i hope he has time to find this... Am i missing something here???? help! Thanks.
  5. peto

    FS/trade: JZ front sump.

    I have a midsump set-up for layzorbeemz he can trade...
  6. peto

    wtb x8 coilovers

    Yo. I have my set of SERIALNINE's up for grabs, i'm in new west. Barley used, Only jump-drifted a few times $1400 ready to roll 604 209 9285
  7. works on 1J&2J, stock turbos. includes: minty stock rubber flexpipe cast HKS hardpipe foam mushroom filter + cage $120 plus shipping? obo/local trade?? I'm looking for z20("JZA70") and FCrx7 suspension parts *edit- sorry about the wait on pics, i'll get some up tonight* .... HKS balllla shit!
  8. peto

    WTB: X7 Pass Rear Trailing Arm + Axle Stub

    shipping would be hundreds of dollars from here.
  9. peto

    WTB OEM X8 Parts.

    I have all of this stuff on my new car.. willing to part everything except maybe the front bumper. Car is dark blue, blue velour interior in pretty nice condition...
  10. peto

    PARTOUT need anything, LMK: x7

    Looking into shipping quotes for you dudes today. sorry!- its a '87 model year(?) manufactured March 86 I will take some pics today but i'm hells busy til later.... try to post up tonight jzx81 parts: digi cluster, steering rack, complete doors, trunk, rear bumper... whole front end & tailights are sold.
  11. uh... why looks so same? E-dub that tranny in your old car seemed fine to me (for an R),... after leaking clutch hydraulics fixed!
  12. Slammed. complete car, white with burgundy corduroy, supra's, little rusty, slightly knocking 5m... good lights, grille etc. Also have some JZX81 and MX83 parts. located in burnaby, canada can sell whole or parts 778 668 0847
  13. dude. i have a x7 to be parted out at neptune~d asap, holler