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  1. Dozzler

    Andrew's JZX81 MARK II

    Gonna be getting the bushings replaced with custom made polyeurathane ones. Serviced it recently with new oils in gearbox, diff and engine. Timing belt kit is next on the list. Struggling to find a windscreen as mine is cracked and wont pass the national car test. Also in talks with a guy about custom making a new stainless steel exhaust from turbo back, car should be driving and sounding ALOT better by xmas.. ..
  2. Dozzler

    Andrew's JZX81 MARK II

    More pics will be added as things progress.
  3. Dozzler

    Andrew's JZX81 MARK II

  4. Dozzler

    Andrew's JZX81 MARK II

    WTF is reverse rake? Edit: Found out what it is. I know, didnt have time to drop the front more before the drive but has been sorted since and is dead level all round!
  5. Dozzler

    Andrew's JZX81 MARK II

    Aw stop they're a savage wheel, love them so much. Hard to find anything 11or 12j with a low enough offset tho! Car's gettin there, still plenty to do but here's a recent pic of the car at a charity drive i was on last weekend..
  6. Dozzler

    Andrew's JZX81 MARK II

    Yup that's us!
  7. Dozzler

    Andrew's JZX81 MARK II

    Getting there slowly but surely...
  8. Dozzler

    Andrew's JZX81 MARK II

    Well lads, i've had this for a while but never thought to show it off here, ha. Not massive spec but adding to it slowly but surely. 1JZ-GTE HKS Mushroom intake 4" thick GTR front mount intercooler and custom hardpiping (thanks chuck g) a/c and abs removed Battery relocated to boot R154 manual box conversion OsGiken Clutch and flywheel TRD 2 way differential Jic adjustable coilovers Cusco front strut brace and rear window brace Inner floor (over tunnel) chassis brace Cusco bolt in dash dodger roll cage Momo Racing steering wheel comedy footlong green gearstick from itsproper.com Bride bucket driver seat Recaro recliner passenger seat stripped interior Greddy gauges R32 Gtr 4 pot calipers and vented+drilled discs. (Thanks chuck g) There's prob a bit more but cant think of it right now. Future plans include a single turbo conversion, ecu, power fc, bigger fuel pump and injectors, top mount manifold, external wastegate, full bushings upgrade and other suspension upgrades and of course top of the list is some very big, very wide, manly dishy wheels, either Work Emitz's, or SSR Vienna's. Here's some pics of before I got it. And some of when I first got it... One of how it stood before it went to paint.. And a few of it's progress at the moment... Should be painted by early next week so will have more photos then. Ordered these few bits from japan too I'll be taking it on a charity run for Irelands largest children's hospital on july 14th so big pressure on to get everything done before then. Anyhow that's the lot , all comments positive and negative welcome.. Thanks for looking. Andrew.
  9. Saw that mitch, thanks. Just being optimistic. Having crazy mad trouble tryin to get bushings for my car. Toyota discontinued and companies over here don't custom make urethane stuff without a massive price tag.
  10. Do you still deal in these? If so, would they suit an x81 mark II??
  11. Dozzler

    Body - Yamaha Rear Wing To Fit cressida Group Buy Interest

    Did serialnine get these in yet guys??
  12. Dozzler

    Parts I.D. quiz

    Yeah it's a nice big IC No all i got was the callipers discs and pads, he said they should fit straight on? Where'd ya get yr oil cooler n relocation kit? The PS cooler sounds like a nifty idea.. I have absolutely no idea if my ecu is standard or not, i've never looked and never asked previous owners..... Nice kit: http://www.driftworks.com/shop/engine-tuning/toyota-engine-tuning-products/driftworks-ultimate-oil-filter-relocation-and-cooler-kit-1jz-gte.html
  13. Dozzler

    Parts I.D. quiz

    It's chuck's old cooler and hard piping that i have, was mounting it too low but should match up ok judging by pics if i copy his setup. Drivers side is different as he had a single conversion so angle on pipe isn't enough, easy fixed tho. Dont have any of that abs shit in mine, also bought chucks front brakes setup, What brake hoses do you recommend replacing originals with? Coolers sound like a class job, must do all that eventually but cooler, brakes, bushes, windscreen, mapping and repaint are top if the list for the summer. Thanks for the helpman, you know i'll be back for more advice!!
  14. Dozzler

    Parts I.D. quiz

    Did you have to relocate your battery for the other side kieran? I have a 4" thick GTR cooler and 3" Hard piping for mine but not sure what way to pipe it?? Please help if possible...