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  1. Rufio

    Rufio's JZX100 Chaser Tourer V

    Figured I'd update what's the happy haps. Picked up some Cusco sway bars with Night Pager tie rods ends, then I bought a Stillway titanium cat-back. Police picked me up again and pretty much after that I just conceded that I should give up. I was damn close to putting the diff and c+p's in but I just gave up and I've decided to sell the car and do something different. Here's a few pictures of the car at her height.
  2. Owner of this car is a cock, breaks guard rollers on a weekly basis.
  3. Rufio

    Rufio's JZX100 Chaser Tourer V

    CUSCOMASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! HUGE props to BudgetVIP for getting this from one side of the world to the other! (after probably being sent from Japan in the first place) So keen to paint lines and hit curbs!
  4. Rufio

    Rufio's JZX100 Chaser Tourer V

    Been tossing up this idea for the past few days. I want some Veilside Racing Andrews, however finding a set, let alone one in suitable sizing is a cunt of a job (excuse the c-word, standard Australian slang) my mate recently happened to mention to me that you can purchase bands for 3 piece wheels. So now I'm contemplating buying a set of 18" Veilsides, and purchasing custom bands, effectively making them custom fitment. I was considering 18x9.5 +9 or 18x10 +18 (square setup front and rear) Has anyone done this before? The bands supposedly come supplied sans holes, so they are drilled to suit whatever 3 piece wheels you own.
  5. Rufio


    Its later iteration, I believe this was not long before Mumblezzz sold the car, Car copped a legit Kunnyz kit, as in literally the one off the D1GP car,.
  6. Rufio

    installing rear main seal

    Also on the verge of replacing my fucking 3rd rear main seal, I hate this job and it makes me angry. I keep getting hassled everytime I go over the pits in my car as the gearbox is just covered in oil. I've been told to pull the little carrier plate out from the back of the motor, insert the seal in backwards (as opposed to slipping it over the crank ) with the inside packed full of grease, also been told a speedy-sleeve is worth investing in too so it has a new wearing surface. Will try that fly-wheel trick, but it also sounds dangerous as fuck if you don't torque it up hahaha.
  7. Rufio

    jzx 100 value

    Not really relevant, but you can pick up Tourer-V auto's here for around 12k Aus, which has a shit load of Gov associated costs too. Tourer-S I'd honestly say would be worth fuck all (not to be rude)
  8. Rufio

    1jz valve covers painted with HKS pattern

    Those are fucking sick! Pity I could never rock them, as my car is a piece of shit made out of mutant parts haha.
  9. Yo I figured rather then building upon my other thread, I'll continue the progress of my car here. http://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=5598 There is the intro thread with most of the cars history. So today I tried to get my car clear again and 'legal' got done for: Ride height not 100mm or more, Dent in chassis rail has to have split welded, Castor arm bushes to be replaced, Fix all oil leaks (rear main *shudder* and rocker cover) He overlooked/didn't make a fuss about my pod, cooler, D shaped exhaust, braided lines and aftermarket brake gear, hack brake line suspenders, HID's etc, so all in all got away fairly clean compared to what would normally happen. Just picked this up too. 2-way diff, adjustable castor rods are on the way soon hopefully.
  10. Rufio

    JZX100 Cusco RS 2way

    Pm sent mate.