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  1. scoobymike87

    clean mx73 shell for sale or trade

    in san jose, pm'ed
  2. scoobymike87

    4 doors, more whores

    love the interior! How long did it take you to vinyl wrap the car?
  3. keep it up, that's one beautiful x7!
  4. scoobymike87

    JZXProject.com Vinyl

    those stickers are alright, but still diggin the death ones!
  5. scoobymike87

    The DD (Drug Dealing) JZX90 (Picture Intensive)

    omfg she's beautiful, the wheels look great too!
  6. I'd choose the mustang reps over these though
  7. scoobymike87

    wtb x8 coilovers

    selling rear s13 coils. with 0 miles on them, never mounted. KTS coils that costed me 1100 for a set. I put the fronts on my s13 back then and my roomate got the car impounded...so yea, i only have the rears
  8. scoobymike87

    Mounting 2jz into MX83

    yea the passenger side has two mounting points on the motor! Took me an hour to figure out with a buddy and I contacted XM as well.
  9. better than the 7m's our cars came with still...
  10. scoobymike87

    what clutch pedal can i fit to a mx83?

    I also had the same question but I found the answer through the search bar up there.
  11. scoobymike87

    Let's See Some Tow Rigs!

    always been a fan of turbo diesel trucks and wish I bought one of those instead of a subaru. That is also one kickass grill!
  12. hella x8's in 9 of the pick-n-pulls around the bay area where I live.
  13. trollin hard, thanks for the info with your s13 kitted out, etc... glwb
  14. scoobymike87

    FS: 91 Cressida - Orlando, FL

    what a steal, glws!
  15. scoobymike87

    FS: JZX90 Body harness