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  1. HotTrash

    WTB - x8 front xmember can paypal asap

    I got a 91 x8 cross member. make offer lmk try,Name's Jacob
  2. HotTrash

    An in-depth look at white trash etiquette

    nice work on the welding and fab job Kyle. Just remember nothing good come easy,fast,or cheap. at lease your making progress
  3. HotTrash

    shop to do an 1jz swap on south florida

    Please do your self a favor if you are not willing to build the Cressida your self in the first place. Don't even fucking own one because these 25 year old cars they brake. Also im guessing your not wealthy or have exstinsive mechanical knowledge That's why this forum is called Jzx (PROJECT).
  4. HotTrash

    Dirty JDM engines and Amsoil's party line

    I use rotella 15/40 13 bucks at walmart and wix filter orielly auto parts. 3000 max . Changing oil is alot easier than changing bearings.i dont mind changing oil and buying 2gal or case at a time and saving the money 11.-13 a gallon usually. Never any problems. I run both my cress and gs300 both jz though so...
  5. HotTrash

    F.M.L running rich cant figure it out.

    Ill check that ty sir Ty
  6. Im having the same luck as some of yall latelly .Im having major ultra rich conditions also. But I did change my injectors to 440 and upped the boost to around 15-17 (15) psi. after driving it for 2 weeks with no problems driving it every day. Ran great no problems in it daily. One night i take off from stop ( not to hard ) 1/2 throttle then all of a sudden it falls on its face. check engine light comes on and wont stay running wearth a shit but i limped it back home. @ ( 5 miles ) ez. 3am in the morning. when i got it home I was like fuck well its 1 or the other.( pre to this state of shape the cars in right now no problems A: 1jz/2jz Map Sensor. (map sensor voltages all ground,5 volt,signal B: 1jz Ecu. C. 1jz/2jz Ignitor D. 1jz/2jz coils ^^^ these laying around^^^ all work great I have changed both, A--d Changing all and no change. 1.I replaced removed the stock fpr and replaced it with another oem fpr.<< this is my next perchase 2. Checked all of the Capacitors . No issues and discolor on the on the circuit board. 3. Checked all 12v ign switch on voltage. All the injectors,coils , igniter, all have, 13.73 volts and iacv all that other jazz efi relay good also. 4. I have 12+ volts when im suppost to( key on) and dont when(key off) 5. took out fuel filter, also swap an another good fuel pump.No luck still 6.I replaced the 370cc(stock) injectors and still having way to rich conditions hardly runs. 7.Add fresh 93 octane gas.checked wiring around my hks fuel cut defender and wiring around the t5 c1 all that good shitz 10.Replaced and gapped plugs with the same ngks i have always used 9.dd 3 years now. its on its 2nd map and 2nd ecu other than that no problems. All i can think of is now is a grounding issue in the wiring or somewhere not Known of corse 2 months trying figure out by my self i have tried Ty for your much needed help
  7. lucky and then I hope dont intermittent injectors not pulsing when driving at. Constant spead like the hwy lots complaints but then again everyone bitches
  8. HotTrash

    WTB X8 Front Crossmember

    I have one local in Texas
  9. HotTrash

    WTB X8 Front Crossmember

    I have a 91-92 cross member with rack and pinion lmk Send message
  10. Post pictures and price or shit send me a pm or call my phone 409-771-4663 lmk prices and what got ty to all jzxproct members
  11. Post a a picture of the current camber setting up have now on your car ty
  12. HotTrash

    1jz ecu plugs - what is interchangeable?

    I got mine from ls400 ( 93-95)
  13. HotTrash

    1JZ VVT-I Engine managment

    this made me laugh so hard. Ty mark I need this how much I owe you
  14. HotTrash

    Are Megan coilovers worth it?

    Bc coils here. megen coils trash I'd wait 3-4 weeks for bc and get my spring rate the way I want, than have premade megans coils 10/8 i think.to soft for heavy boat like Cressida .