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  1. yokotavia

    Random X8 parts

    hows the mounts on them headlights and corner lights? they're cressida x8 stuff right?
  2. yokotavia

    Z32 Bake Adapter Shit

    Deals on deals
  3. Austin will post pics of my shifter. I cant do it from my phone. And the z33 is huge compared to r154 but my fd car will have a sheet metal tunnel anyways so noy worried
  4. Ive drifted a handful of 350zs and i love their shifter feel. I will be bringing a spare trans with me just incase i have provlems. But like i said there are like 6 drift cars here in texas with the same trans with no problems up to 600hp. People have put like 1200ho through them with no issues. When i worked at nissan i only replaced a trans in a 2004 z33 which was grinding but that car had the defective trans in it with soft syncro materials. The cd009 is the newest updated trans and has no issues if you know how to drive.
  5. Lmao, yeah silhouette garage killed it on the shifter fab
  6. I paid 400$ for my cd009, and theres tons of texas dudes running this setup with no problems
  7. Damn lol austin you thread jacking son of a bitch! Driveshaft is pretty much sold. Awaiting payment now. And ill be running a cd009 with the maverick motorsports kit. Made a shifter that sits on top of the trans. Spec made a twin disk for me. Boom done.
  8. Harness and serial gauge sold. Still have everything else
  9. http://www.aemelectronics.com/?q=products/gauges/serial-datastream-gauge Looks like it works with v1 and v2 ems. Pming you now
  10. Lol maybe. Let me do some googling. I just know for 100% that it works with v2 bc that's what i had.
  11. yokotavia

    WTB x8 rear drivers side knuckle

    You find a knuckle yet? I have some spares that id like to keep but whatever. And shipping is going to rape you but lmk.
  12. Alright, all parts are in houston. Will arrange shipping prices if you're interested. 200$ Xcessive manufacturing 1pc steel driveshaft for x8 and r154. Ran it on my yellow car. Has no problems. 80$ BRAND NEW Marlin crawler electronic speed sensor for toyota trans. 50$ USED BUT NO DAMAGE gforce 5point seat harness. SFI, expires February 2015. SOLD MINT aem serial data gauge with related harnesses. Use this with aem v2 to display any data the ems sees. SOLD 1j jzx90 engine harness. From my yellow car. Needs work has some brittle connectors. Wired for acura resistor box, bare minimum harness to run. 40$ 1j starter. Doubt anyone would pay shipping but if you need it that bad whatever. Worked great when pulled. Paypal only. All prices are plus shipping. Text me if i dont respond on here, Eight five zero-254-7184
  13. yokotavia

    WTB Solid Clutch

    spec stage 3. I've run spec clutches for a few years and the stage 3 lasted me like....2 full seasons. even held 460hp/440tq when it was rated for just barely over that. after 2 years on the same clutch it only started slipping when i was trying to have insane wheel speeds by drifting in 4th on a 3rd gear course. now i run a stage 4 spec and have no issues! very easy pedal too, close to stock!
  14. yokotavia

    Dirty JDM engines and Amsoil's party line

    i run rotella 15w w40. change my oil like...once a season. who cares.
  15. yokotavia

    X8 w/ JZ ( LS400 fan clutch w/ 7m fan)

    yeah. my setup works fucking awesome. get rid of those gay efans