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  1. Electric_Space

    1JZ rear sump oil pan wanted.

    pm sent
  2. Electric_Space

    WTB 1JZ Flywheel

    lmao 300
  3. Electric_Space

    Project x7 w/ 2jz/r154

    shhh you.
  4. Electric_Space

    X7 trade for x8

    I know a few guys,. marcus lyons, stephan davis and joe smith. I think you'll fit right into their clique.
  5. Electric_Space

    Project x7 w/ 2jz/r154

    http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/3918699290.html What's the deal, man?
  6. Electric_Space

    1JZ misfire

    fuck this! I had this problem. I blame the SAFC2 for not being tuned since I can't drive my shit yet, it soaks the spark plugs so badly, it arcs before going into the head. I wire-wheeled the plugs (just a touch) and heated them up a bit with the map-gas and fires up right-quick and on all 6. Tho you have sorta decent idle, but it's random?
  7. Electric_Space

    how to get rid of your hydrofan for a clutch fan

    Wish I had the room for a clutch fan. Hard to trust eFans.
  8. Electric_Space

    Wtb r154

    $130 out the door here at our wrecking yards
  9. Electric_Space

    Subframe bushings swap labor

    dropping subframe definitely takes only one person.
  10. Electric_Space

    WTB: all the W58s

    what about celica/truck/corona/etc? does aluminum rust in canada?? just top plate is diff only, right?
  11. Electric_Space

    Faggots Back, With an intro. 5M problem.

    injector resistor gone to shit? spark plugs shit? my 1j does this if I have the fuel pump running while cold cranking so I installed a kill switch so it doesn't soak my spark plugs and works fine now.
  12. Electric_Space

    Cressida Emblem

    yea I tossed 2 of those emblems lol might have one floating around tho. yes brian wins this thread both hands down and asterisk in the air.
  13. Electric_Space


    put a catyletic converter on. totally fucks high boost levels into the safety zone.
  14. Electric_Space

    1jz low idle, random stalling, no start.

    I haven't had my IAC plugged in since day 1 and other than shitty cold idle like no choke carb car, everything is fine, but definitely not that cold around here.
  15. Electric_Space

    SAFC2 questions.

    lulz it's how we do's it. k I'm down for the safc2 now. thx a mega metric shit-tonnez, guys lol