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  1. emoska69

    My Couch Pulls Out, I Don't: The Resurrection

    hey man if u got that thing runnin bring it out to autocity this weekend for round four! the details are on facebook. motor city madness tour round 4
  2. emoska69

    Body - Lets talk weight savings

    not really a wieght saving but doing a battery relocation to the trunk transfers your weight balance by about 1%helps out when your engine weighs more than the whole car and look into a company called braille. they make super light betterys. and non of you mentioned the weight of your wheels. unsprung weight i.e. anything below the srpings is way more detrimental to your cars performance than sprung weight is. mount your seat as low as possible to bring down center of gravity a hair. take out all of the electric seatbelt gaynes. your not 80 and its not 1990 anymore so you really dont need it. take off your rear bumper. shave door handles on all three passenger doors. put a string in there incase u need to open it. extra nuts and bolts holding shit together add up too. if there is four bolts and itll work with 1-2 or even just a zip tie then do it. take out your hood latch and put in some pins. remove the cable too. same with trunk. change out the semi truck style steering wheel. youll be suprised how heavy the stock steering wheels are. heat and ac units and duct work. run an open downpipe. lol some of this shit is rediculous but it really does add up. Goodluck. oh and invest in a air chisel. makes sound deadening easy to remove. Flame Shield ON!!!
  3. emoska69

    WTB: 1J Swap cheap.

    dude hit up zerolift. they are out of ohio. 2100 w/ r154. thats where i got mine and they r great to deal with. had a buddy get a messed up part and they switched it out no questions asked. oh and they are ohio based so you can drive your lazy no intro ass over there and get it.
  4. emoska69

    SOLD!!! my old school baller X8 rims

    drool fucking want. i might have to go the hockey puck motor mount route and buy these next week if you still have em. fav rims on x8 period. pm price with shipping to 48021. i will prostitute my own mother for these wheels.
  5. emoska69

    My Couch Pulls Out, I Don't: The Resurrection

    u gonna bring this thing to the xceedspeed bbq tmrw? or are u even on xceed speed for that matter?
  6. emoska69

    wtb 1jz down pipe

    Thx man but I litteraly just found one.
  7. emoska69

    wtb 1jz down pipe

    Bump. Still need a downpipe.
  8. emoska69

    wtb 1jz down pipe

    Need stock.
  9. emoska69

    wtb 1jz down pipe

    Good to know. I apreciate that.
  10. emoska69

    wtb 1jz down pipe

    Only thing I still need for the swap and I need it yesterday. If anyone has the stock pipe or even just the top like 4 inches and flange let me know. Thx
  11. emoska69

    driveshaft question

    That 7m is comin out trw night so im tryin tiger this stupid shit squared away. Lol Thx guys.
  12. emoska69

    driveshaft question

    Ok does anyone have a actual measurement for the x8 1 piece. Im sure im not the only one who needs it.
  13. emoska69

    WTH next to free 7M or 5M

    Haha ifwanna take a trip to texas minewill be out next week. Was gonna light it on firethough
  14. emoska69

    1990 Toyota Cressida

    Part it so I can buy your doors and grey interior... my porno red has got to go.