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    Brian's Cressida

    yea... we get the good stuff here straight from japan... Soarers, Mark 2's, Chasers, crestas,,, the works... but in finding the performance bits for these cars, its not so easy. the most popular "sports" cars are hondas and smaller toyotas (starlets,and levins). not every parts store stocks parts for mark2's and the like. most ppl see them as luxury cars, and also fear them for their size. parts for civics can be bought at any corner store..LOL. some stuff i have to order through the toyota dealer.
  2. orvin876

    Brian's Cressida

    this car is so damn sweet. i recently got a '91 cressida, and dropped in a 1jzgte vvti as well. its purely stock...even stock boost. seeing this is quite an inspiration. keep up the good work. Just that here in Jamaica, not all the performance parts are on the self...