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  1. Jekai

    FS: Pair of Advan model 6's

    I've had these things for like a decade. It's time for some CR Kai's.
  2. Jekai

    FS: Pair of Advan model 6's

    These are being held for now. will edit if things change.
  3. I'm sick of these things. They are 18x9 +46 I believe. They have newer Falken ziex's on them 225/40. I can have them dismounted to save on shipping if desired. I'm asking 500 obo plus shipping. I can be reached at 720-320-6544 or just pm me.
  4. Jekai

    FS: jzx90 1jz ecu, 7m/w58 bellhousing

    It seems as if it's around 35 to ship out there. But there wasn't a location for Santa Clarita...
  5. Jekai

    FS: jzx90 1jz ecu, 7m/w58 bellhousing

    *than, stupid Scotch
  6. Jekai

    FS: jzx90 1jz ecu, 7m/w58 bellhousing

    I'd rather give it away then deal with idiots! Wait... I am posting on jzxp... Haha <3
  7. the ecu seems to be in good shape, there are no leaking capacitors will send pics if interested-160 shipped. w58/ 7m bellhousing- free just pay for shipping. I also have a spare transmission mount for mold w58- also free just pay shipping. pm or call/text 720-320-6544
  8. Jekai

    WTB: 1jz chaser ecu

    I has one, pm'd.
  9. Jekai

    Super sweet JDM bumper FS

    I used to, but half of you fuckers sell jank shit!!! Since when did jzxp become so fucking sensitive? Did I hurt your feelings?.... I'm so sorry! Go fuck yourself!
  10. Jekai

    Super sweet JDM bumper FS

    Umm. Anyone want this fucking thing or what?!?!?
  11. Every time I go to no coast bash, someone else owns this car. Fucking whore.
  12. Jekai

    Super sweet JDM bumper FS

    Super scratched camera lense. Sorry to confuse you old man. Haha.
  13. Jekai

    Super sweet JDM bumper FS

    Oh my god you're a fucking genius!! I never would have thought of that, fuck you! The top of the bumper is flat but you can make it work with the x8 lights if you're not a complete fucking idiot.
  14. Need parts more than cosmetic bullshit. Asking 300+ shipping. Too high? Fuck you! 720-320-6544. Shipping from Denver, Shit hole Colorado. There's a grey hound right around the corner from my bar so there's that option... Sorry for the pics, my camera is a cocksucker. Also, I still have a jzz30 ecu for sale 200 shipped. As well as a 7m/w58 bellhousing for 20+shipping. tiny crack.
  15. I need it like now. I k ow some of you have to have one lying around. I need it by Friday so I'll pay extra for quicker shipping. Please call or text me at 720-320-6544. I have an event on Sunday I need to make it to. Mucho thanks!!!!!