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  1. seanfitz

    Rusty McFucking Rust Hole

    i hate those pin stripes...destroyed my paint getting them off......oops
  2. seanfitz


  3. seanfitz

    '79 jzx32 SHAKOTAN ZOMBIE

    the s9 sicker on the dish is the best thing about this car... rad.
  4. seanfitz

    x8 2jz

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. holy shit thats fuckin stupid!
  5. seanfitz

    My Couch Pulls Out, I Don't: The Resurrection

    pics of wheels niggs
  6. seanfitz

    JZXP Hoodies

    if i was... id be rockin that sweatshirt tho. its a toss up?
  7. seanfitz

    Xcessive X8 solid Diff bushings!

  8. seanfitz

    Auto to w58

    ITS A FUCKIN 5 SPEED SWAP HOLY FUCK!!!!! step 1. SHUT THE FUCK UP step 2. GET THE FUCK OFF JZXP step 3. DRINK ACETONE. sorry for yelling.
  9. seanfitz

    Shinjitai's Cressidas

    ^^^ haha looks like its on fuckin bags all jacked up rollin through compton...
  10. seanfitz

    Fuck stance i want FAT FUCKIN TIRES

    SIG WORTHY!!!!!!
  11. seanfitz

    XM X8 Full Rear Arm Kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    holy fuck...... i need to sell my subs asap
  12. seanfitz

    Xcessive adjustable tension rods for the X8

    alright just pm me your number and I could make it down today. I have wensday, thursday off this week so that might work to... Just lemme kno
  13. seanfitz

    Xcessive adjustable tension rods for the X8

    yah i do..
  14. seanfitz

    Xcessive adjustable tension rods for the X8

    what do i have to do to get you guys to use my car for product development!!?!?!? fuck these are sick!
  15. seanfitz

    Are Megan coilovers worth it?

    sweet intro douche.