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  1. PFC is great....if you live in a place where the ambient temps never change. the tables dont allow to easily tune for changing temps to my knowledge. its like having a fuel injected car with a carburetor.




    Not true.


    Power FC is great, it all boils down to the tuner..... Everyone with a laptop nowadays seems to think they're a tuner. It's the worse with PFC thanks to FC Dataloggit.


    FC is a great bang for buck system, better than a junk ass afc setup.


    BUT...If you want to play with the big boys, HKS Fcon Vpro ;)

  2. 154 shifts like shit. they shift slow, it's a gay truck tranny. I built one up for my Aristo full marlin crawler everything, and it shifted even slower. if you're poor, and you need something that does the job for cheap, R154 works well.


    Comparing a R154 to a V160, is like comparing a EK hatch to a JZX90.


    V160 wins, hands down. It can handle a mammoth amount of power, and it shifts fast and nice.


    I have a spare V160 I'd be willing to sell you for cheap, it's grinding in 3rd gear, probably needs synchros for #3, sychro's cost $60.