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  1. I spec'd his wheels and I'm helping with his build. I don't see why you guys are knocking him for it. Kid works his ass off and devotes 80% of his paycheck towards buying proper shit, and building a legit car.


    He wants the shit done right the first time, no disadvantage to getting a professional to do it. Better than buying random ass chinese knockoff parts, slapping it onto a JZ, then getting an E-tune hoping it works...that shits just fucking gay. It bugs me to see these cars built like shit all the time.

  2. I spec'd the wheels, and told him that if he told anyone the offsets i would slap him. all of my offsets are a "big secret" for a reason. i crawl around on hot ashphalt measuring up this shit, and doing the proper work to figure out the maximum width we can fit on the car. like fucking hell i want some forum loser to get a free pass... take my specs and order it from somewhere else? FUCK That... I do this shit for a living.

  3. Stage 4 seems a little extreme and that's a 6 puck right? and I'm sorry that I couldn't find the topics, and my bad about the lip I want to stay.




    I am going to find a dealer in my area so I can get pricing,I know the twin plates are generally suppose to be very expensive or am I wrong? I had my eyes on the ACT Street Disk Clutch off DM. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with that? Cause I didn't see anything about it in the three topics,mostly saw you guys speaking about Bully,F1,and few other brands.



    Twin plates are usually more money, but you get what you pay for. F1 is junk.


    Let me know if you need the hook up on a Bully or OS Giken.