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  1. It bugs me to see you act like it doesnt work.


    It does work, but they're never optimum results. When it's your car you can build it however you want, if putting the best of everything in your car isn't a priority because _____ (insert reason here) then whatever. Built it how YOU want to build it, I'll never knock you for it. But don't be a dick jerker because someone is building something that's going to cost a lot of money. That's the definition of being a hater lol.


    BUT this car is going to be built the way myself and Dallas see fit. We're not cutting corners, and putting good reputable parts in for a car that's going to make great power with great longevity.


    This shits just getting out of hand.

  2. Wow you sound upset. Any specific reason why you feel personally insulted?


    I left RCTS for a better opportunity, and to go back to school.


    The good old ebay core..... where your IAT's are 70-80C run to run on the dyno, and yeah i'm sure it'll have better cooling and more "flow" than my 25R Greddy lol.


    Devoting 80% of your paycheck to a car may be retarded to you, but everyone prioritizes their shit differently...I didn't bring it up for dick swinging measures, but just to set an example of how devoted he is to building this car. 80% may have been an exaggeration too, maybe 50-60%.

  3. Nope, I running HKS Fcon Vpro in all my cars. But I tune AEM / Haltech / Power FC (I'm a Power Exel certified tuner) and a ton more.


    The VVTi 2J would be great, you'd have even more low to mid range torque compared to the normal 2J...


    Go VVTi and wire up a Haltech or get a Vpro and fly me down :)