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  1. Easy to make it work. Depends on which ecu you want to go with. Many advantages, including better response and low end torque.


    My suggestion:

    Haltech PS2000 or Elite2500

    Non VVTi GTE intake manifold (had IAC and mechanical throttle)

    Or a Premium Japan DBW bypass kit, but if you do this you still need an idle valve.

  2. I haven't been on here much, but I logged in to find some messages of people looking for parts and tunes.


    My apologies for not getting back to you peeps.


    Best way to get a hold of me for parts or tuning: jimmy@vexperformance.com or jimmy@poorform.ca


    A few brands I distribute, but not limited to:


    Weds Wheels

    Rays Wheels

    SSR Wheels

    OS Giken







    KW Suspension





  3. Grand Touring is a great clutch. Factory like pedal feel and smooth engagement. It'll hold up to around 650whp. Longevity is great, and the rebuilds are very reasonable. On a GT2CD at mid 4's at the wheel, that clutch should last you approx. 4-10 seasons of driving, depending on how much you're slipping it.


    If you're drifting and abusing it, make sure you get the hard cover.



    Additionally. I am the Canadian Distributor for OS Giken, so if you're looking to purchase one, I'd be more than happy to give you a fat JZXP discount and drop ship it to you out of the USA warehouse.

  4. Had to bang out the tunnel a bit, but otherwise fits pretty good. Driveshaft was pretty easy. Swapped to a GS400 diff for the 3.2 ratio, and then needed to change the flex coupling to adapt to the GS400 flange type. All pretty straight forward.


    Working on getting the shifter height right, sits low, and the console is high on this car. Kind of a pain in the dick.

  5. They're interchangeable. The terminal nut is 2.5mm shorter on ISO plugs than JIS. Most coilpacks will reach the extra 2.5mm regardless....except for Nissan RB's. They like to misfire with ISO plugs because the spring in the coil doesn't make good enough contact.

  6. WORK:

    Gnosis CV202


    Varianza V5S

    Schwert SC2



    Executor CV03, CV01



    My buddy bought my old V5S's from me, really nice wheel, the color would be a taste thing.






    VS-XX's look good on anything. I went with a new step lip setup last spring on my LS430.