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  1. why would you pay 2700 for those dukes when i could get you a set of custom spec'd works brand new for the same price. i can fit a 12 on the back of your soarer with a 315 tire JP, just with a slight roll.
  2. lol, that's not an authentic hks intercooler kit.
  3. not sure. didn't care enough to ask lol
  4. yes, jza80 and jzz30 are back into production and will be available early 2012
  5. wait until spring, I will get you a brand new one for a few hundred dollars cheaper than that.
  6. ^ i can't see that since i don't have an account. how much is he asking?
  7. jesus fuck. clean up that engine bay plz
  8. bippu

    Baller Daily 161 build

    alright motherfuckers. i ripped the 30-40ls out of this bitch and i'm building it up as we speak. i'm going to build the fucker to hold 1000+whp. pics soon
  9. get brand new like i explained to you homo's a week ago
  10. Alright guys, I'm really hitting a wall on this one. I need your help. Greddy wants to charge me $1500 for a fucking 4 row CORE, not even a full kit, and I get 40 off on all Greddy shit, how gay is that? .. I even found a 4row kit on ebay for an R34 GTR at $1500...kind of a better deal since it comes with piping, but it's twin entry to i'd still need to fab an end tank. This is my last resort. I need to upgrade from my current Greddy core since I will be pushing much more power next year, I want to push the car hard. What I'm asking is that you guys keep your eyes out for the following list of intercoolers for me. If you see it on another forum you frequent, please email me at bippu147@live.ca and let me know. I am looking for these in good condition, new or used, as long as it's not beat to fuck: -HKS Type R -Greddy 4 or 5 row, R core only -ARC 4 row -Apexi 4 row -Blitz 4 row Thanks bro's
  11. bippu

    WTB: A Good Front Mount Intercooler

    interested in both, send me pics.
  12. still need me to pull your fenders or what?
  13. bippu

    WTB: A Good Front Mount Intercooler

    Duax 4.5"-6.5" There is a difference between an ebay core, and a quality japanese core. I have logged and tuned a lot of cars to know the difference, and to know how much more power you can make with a proper core. I understand that there are companies like Spearco and Bell that can make a core to my specifications, and it will probably do the job.....BUT I have zero experience with these cores and I don't have enough data to justify buying one. I want something that i know will work. Japan cores only bro.
  14. unless you're running oversize valves and a seriously built race head, you'll make less power and have less bottom end. also, hks cams have a much nicer powerband than bc's, also provides more stable idling and better vacuum at idle.
  15. Good 264's all the way, whether or not you do the 1j or 2j. Use stock valvetrain
  16. bippu

    Y pipe for 1j

    what we're trying to say is, pull your tampon out and go single.
  17. bippu

    Y pipe for 1j

    this is my favourite forum ever
  18. bippu

    stupid 2JZ questions...

    good good. make sure you do a leak down test on whatever complete GTE you end up getting.
  19. Either way, whatever you decide on Zale get it running properly for next year. 600whp is a tough number to achieve on pump gas, so i wish you the best of luck
  20. 2J head is more efficient, and it's well worth the extra effort to swap it in. That red Supra i built and tuned: 590whp @16psi. GT4294, shell 91 octane, stock engine with 264 cams.
  21. For the ELEV engines the main purpose of the VVTi was to reduce hydrocarbons, improve fuel economy and increase efficiency.
  22. well with the dual VVTi system, you can definitely make more power controlling the cams. advance the intake to 80ATDC on the bottom end when you start pulling it back to 120-130, then start advancing the exhaust cam. I haven't played around much with the dual VVTi stuff. But with the JZ VVTi, it's honestly fine to just let the stock computer control it. The stock ECU on the VVTi engines is probably the best factory ECU toyota ever made.