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    Serial Nine IS300 components?

    i like the TTE kit, with Wald flares, our shop IS300
  2. bippu

    jzs147 options

    My 147 is pretty sweet, it blows for drifting though. But the way I built mine, it's purpose is a fast street car to eat up anything on the road. FYI I'm running HKS Hipermax D's from a JZZ30 on my Slammed GS300 and there are no issues whatsoever with shock height, etc. Before I was running NPG's out of a JZA80 Supra, before that Ksport Kontrol's specifically for a147 (biggest piece of shit coilover ever)
  3. bippu

    JZX90 Cresta - Drift build

    Stuff on Order as of today: -SerialNine solid diff/subframe bushings -HKS Hipermax D NOB spec coilovers -HKS 1JZ 264 cams -Sparco Evo seats -Sparco harnesses
  4. bippu

    My JZS160 Build

    Picked up this beat up GS300 for really cheap and started cleaning it up and modifying it. So far here are my mods: Performance: -HKS super hybrid filter -HKS Hi-power exhaust Brakes / Suspension: -Endless Zeal Funtion T coilovers (custom valved, custom springs) 22k front 20k rear -Supra 4 pot front brake calipers -Goodridge stainless steel brake lines -DBA 6 slot rotors -Endless MX72 pads -Endless RF650 fluid Interior: -JP headrests (rear seats) -JP leather cushions -JP Kintuna -JP black and chrome front table Sound: -Pioneer AVH-P4200-DVD headunit -Focal 165KRXS front speakers -Focal 130CVX rear speakers -Focal 33KX Sub -Steg Masterstroke MSC1500 amp (front speakers) -Steg K2.01 amp (sub) -Custom Enclosure -Parcel shelf, and all 4 doors fully Dynamatted I'm waiting on a ton more parts, will keep this thread updated as I install them. Plans: -Vertex facelift (have headlights and grill) -Powerhouse Amuse single exhaust (on order) -GTE swap (have engine, need to find the time to swap it) -Work XSA 03C wheels (on order) -ARC airbox (on order) -Greddy 3row R-spec -Repaint OEM color I ordered my wheels back in August, but Work Japan ran out of XSA faces in R disk, My rear in O disk are complete, just waiting on the faces so the fronts can be assembled, ETA for my wheels are December + 6 weeks shipping to Canada. I got kinda sick of riding on stock chrome. Found these locally for super cheap...pretty much pocket change, thought i would pick them up for the time being... SSR GT7 19x8 +45, 19x9.5 +50 Yeah i know, fitment sucks, but better than riding on stock chromes went into the body shop to get some hail damage removed, as well as my trunk repainted and JP spoiler put on... I asked them to check out a little rust spot i saw on the rear quarter turned out that it wasn't just a little rust spot... The pics speak for themselves... I gave the shop the go ahead to cut the rust out and weld in new metal, it's already done, and it looks just like OEM. Fixed:: Remember the Rust??? WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... leave it shaved? or put the new emblems on?
  5. bippu

    My JZS160 Build

    I'm fuckin broke son! I spend money like that shits gonna rot
  6. bippu

    My JZS160 Build

    Not converting to manual, this is going to be my daily, sippin' on da scissor and the gangster lean.
  7. bippu

    My JZS160 Build

    UPDATE: Ordered my Vertex 3gs front end today. Also received my ARC airbox, and some more goodies...check it