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  1. Derek4real3

    85 Cressida

  2. Derek4real3

    85 Cressida

    Name: Derek Location: long island Contact Info: derekkielt@gmail.com carFor Sale: 85 cressida Price:$6100 Shipping: NO Description: I love this car to death and don't really wanna sell it but I have to move on for personal reasons. trust that i will lose sleep when shes gone. chassis 90,000 miles 1UZFE 4.0L V8 swapped engine 62,000 miles(SC400) factory 5spd with LSD 3.90 gear Grey tufted leather (no rips or tears) W58 5spd Custom cast bell housing (not adapter) SS braided clutch line (new slave) New clutch/pressure plate New flywheel 2.5" exhaust BC racing front coilovers XXR 15x8 wheels 185/60/15 tires PS cooler JDM chin spoiler JDM stainless steel grill JDM metal toyota window visors Wood steering wheel hidden tow hitch behind swing up license plate new fuel pump ..................... ............ Asking $6100 or best offer
  3. Derek4real3

    KAAZ 2 way

  4. Derek4real3

    KAAZ 2 way

    why not, they are robbing us shipping to where? smh
  5. Derek4real3

    KAAZ 2 way

    Name: Derek Location: long island Contact Info: derekkielt@gmail.com Item For Sale: KAAZ 2way Price:$700 ShippingYes, buyer pays Description: KAAZ 2way with Booklet, installed in X7 pumpkin with about 1500 miles total on it. 4.10 gear
  6. Derek4real3

    FS: X7 chin spoiler from japan!

    got mine today in the mail!
  7. Derek4real3

    FS: X7 chin spoiler from japan!

    still waiting on their roof spoiler
  8. Derek4real3

    FS: X7 chin spoiler from japan!

    keep it coming! i'll buy it all MWAHHAHA seriously though
  9. Derek4real3

    FS Digi Dash and more shit you want

    Thanks Kyle. Joe is a good dude! Joe i want the canister next time we meet up.
  10. Derek4real3

    WTB: switches and dam

    fuck. i thought this was a cressida forum
  11. Derek4real3

    WTB: switches and dam

    the switch you sold me works but idt its a 85 because the clip is in a slight different position, i didnt say anything because it works, just sits a tad crooked the air dam is under the bumper, metal, and above your lip, between the fenders ...dont make me have to bust out some MS paint on yo ass
  12. Derek4real3

    thats odd...thought i had a open diff

    daily, NO. blame canada
  13. Derek4real3

    Are Megan coilovers worth it?

    Im about to place a BC racing order.......... if you want in, better hurry
  14. Derek4real3

    WTB: switches and dam

    I need passenger and driver power window switch 1985 x7 I NEED A FUCKING AIRDAM! oh and i also need a drivers side chrome lower headlight trim (NO SPRAYER) shipped to 11940 derekkielt@gmail.com