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  1. Guss1jz

    WTB 1jz water pump

    i have one with the hydro fan if you want it 15 plus shipping
  2. Guss1jz

    WTB: 1J A/C Compressor

    i also have one if needed still
  3. Guss1jz

    FS NJ x7 interior,exterior parts

    Hey man I'll take the center console what do you want shipping to 82001
  4. Guss1jz

    Cleaning out le garage/SALE

    Pmd also
  5. Guss1jz

    WTB R154 slip yoke

    Im in need of a slip yoke for the r154 or one that well fit. please hit me up thanks guys
  6. Guss1jz

    WTB R154 slip yoke

    never had a drive shaft nor trans... Andrew ill do that as long as the yoke is there
  7. Guss1jz

    WTB R154 slip yoke

  8. Guss1jz

    WTB R154 slip yoke

    I remember that but my swap didnt come with one
  9. Guss1jz

    needed R154 of parts

    that i dont know lol i would like to just but one but fuck 1200-1000.... i know its a wanted tranny but god damn what would you want for the blown one?
  10. Guss1jz

    needed R154 of parts

    Hey guys im in the need for a R154 of parts from your blown one... mine has good gears and what not but my inerlock is toast (trys to go into reverse every time i go into any other gear) so hit me up with what you got
  11. Guss1jz

    needed R154 of parts

    Ok no one has one they want to sell
  12. Guss1jz

    needed R154 of parts

    None?!?!? no one has a blown 154???
  13. Guss1jz

    wtb 1jzgte auto transmission

    I have one off my swap non vvti you want it pay shipping
  14. Guss1jz

    r154 1j flywheel needed

    Hey guys im looking for a flywheel r154 1jz that i can run for the summer tell i can but a new one from driftmotin please hit me up with what you have. Thanks everyone
  15. Guss1jz

    Random bits and pieces

    Do a combined deal on the top 3??
  16. Guss1jz

    NEEDED used 1jz r154 flywheel

    So you don't have a flywheel?
  17. Like stated I need a used 1j flywheel for r154 ASAP
  18. Guss1jz

    Needed R154 stuff...

    no one has a bell?
  19. Guss1jz

    Needed R154 stuff...

    Hey guys i need a 1/2jz bellhousing a used but still usable flywheel the whole shifter alu block and up(can show pics if need be) all for a R154. hit me up with anything you have Thanks guys
  20. Guss1jz

    Needed R154 stuff...

    I do I need everything mine doesn't have any of it from that block up
  21. Guss1jz


    you got pm
  22. Guss1jz

    wtb single turbo oil lines

    like it says im in the need for some oil lines i need a feed and return (with the fitting to the oil pan) all for a 1jz... let me know what you got
  23. Guss1jz

    wtb single turbo oil lines

    my bad garret gt turbo and driftmotion does have them but i thought about givin money here first
  24. Guss1jz


    pm sent