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  1. Who's got one laying aroound?
  2. Austin

    Wtb: 1uz rear sump oil pan/pickup

    i hate v8's. but my coworker is putting one into a miata which i also hate. so he needs one. also junkyard is fresh out of 90's lexus.
  3. Austin

    X72 powered BEAMS

    People always use that "beams came in altezza" argument. Its a shitty argument. Altezza were slow as fuck. Beams are gutless. Have you driven a beams car?
  4. Austin

    1jz stock twins, rebuilt, y-pipe - $300

    I also loved my 1j with stock twins and that y pipe.
  5. Austin

    R154 flywheel measurements

    I never use those spacers.
  6. Austin

    wtb: is300/altezza spindle, driver front

    Drop spindles are allright, but make sure you run an rca or the geometry gets all fucked. I just pocketed the strut towers and its been great.
  7. Hahaha. 8 versions and i finally bought a rad one. But i have extended the r154 shifters too. Nothing to it really.
  8. Damn. I havent really checked any build threads in a while. Glad to see my name still lives in the gutter. Also: 1. Yeah i drive with breaking 2. Yeah i was fattest dude at final bout 3. My vinyl sucks and we all know it 4. I shredded at final bout and it was the most fun i've ever had driving. 5. I think maybe kyle doesnt owe my face a smash anymore (have to ask him, still unsure) 6. Let me be homer simpson sliding into a bush please.
  9. Austin

    Tundra Slut-0-Matic (mx32,7mge,a340e)

    Pretty sure there was a site crash in '10, probably a second profile.
  10. Austin

    A testament to self loathing.

    I did 341whp with a 3076r on a log manifold at 1 bar on all stock electronics minus safc and 440cc injectors. Tried more boost but hit fuel cut so thats about what you can expect without an fcd.
  11. Austin

    wonderwoman buys an outfit she doesn't fit into

    Wow. I usually research more before i spend money on an engine. I cant help you with this tbh.
  12. Hahahahaha. Im the hipster IS owner i guess. Watch the x90 bandwagon explode next year though. Shits gonna be insane. I'll be on that train. Choo choo.
  13. Austin

    MX83 '89-'90 to '91-'92 Climate Control

    It'll take 3 years for this to make it to the second page. Pinning it seems unnecessary.
  14. Austin

    FS: exhaust from Bill's car

    This new guy is putting up with gordo pretty well. Way to go new guy.
  15. Austin

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    The lengths you go to make awesome stuff is amazing. I severely lack the patience to do this stuff. I have a big na2j build planned with gigantic pipedream ideas. Hope any of them come to fruition
  16. And i suppose theres no way for that to be faulty, or unlikely that it is anyway.
  17. You do have a bigger compressor side though, could be out flowing the stock wastegate. May need to port it or something.
  18. I use uego, i know it isnt the best out there but its pretty good, cheap, and easily integratable. I also made stock 10psi boost open 3" dp on stock turbo. What boost gauge are you running? Or is the adaptronic integrated map?
  19. Did you reroute the reference line? On my 171 swap it was plumbed Weird through a solenoid. I just ran a line straight to the actuater from the compressor housing. 10psi. Just a thought, im sure you checked that already.
  20. Austin

    Brian's failed IS300 project

    Sweet. They drive so good.
  21. Austin

    VVT 1JZ Power FC for MAF

    If d jetro, i'll take it.
  22. Austin

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    Goddamn. This is awesome. Are those old bike carbs?
  23. Austin

    bradlee's X8...

    Havent had an issue. Still think cd trans is the way to go. Just need to find 3.55 rear end gears