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    Nah, dude. Need it gone. No trades. Sorry.
  3. robots


    Last call USD650, take it or leave it !
  4. robots


  5. Man, you better of not posted that shit. 2bar of boost net you smallish gains on that setup. Better of going with a himount mani and some good turbo and run less boost.
  6. Yeah you are right, lazy times in the office haha. Summer+work don't go together Lets talk some tire ? What is best combo for 400-450hp ? I was running 245/40R18 china cheap tire behind factory 1J vvti, 0.9 bar boost. And it was just the right tire for the car. Car would stay on the line and didn't go sliding to the outside or other shit.
  7. Invisible chaser)) Post ur feedback on 265s once you get them. Really intersted what is better tire for LSx.
  8. robots


    How is x90/x100 arms doing? Tension rods for x90/x100 maybe?
  9. robots

    1JZ-GTE VVT-i vs 1JZ-GTE

    Haha, my mates having fun with VVT-is. Around 0.9bar boost. And yeah, nissan chassis. W58 gearboxes. Fun anyways. 3rd gear all the way! http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDE3NjgwNDM2.html
  10. Pretty good for a fat bitch. What about weight distribution ?
  11. robots

    Spool Differential In A Drift Spec Chassis

    Spool should be good, you won't damage your final gear like with welded, when weld shits gets in between. I've driven a bunch of welded cars. And seriously, sometimes I can't say for sure when drifting. Usually welded/spool would led you to a more responsive rear end. Instant lock everytime.
  12. You guys are like those sensitive grandmas. Don't talk about that and shit. I pointed out the shit I've observed, and without any inputs you are making it sound like abnormal ? wtf ? Prove me wrong then. Whats your take on that and etc. Its just forums.
  13. Yeah, pls do! Also I'm kinda intimidated by one thing. Most of the x90s/x100s I've seen tend to have a rake . Rear is higher than the front. Why is that ? And is it possible to drop rear more and raise front ? Theoretically should give you more grip in the rear and have more agile front.
  14. robots

    Spool Differential In A Drift Spec Chassis

    Its just a thought, man. As the powerlocker is inside the diff, replaces the settalites. Doesn't replace the housing of the diff. And spool replaces. Being only 120usd you could check that out. Could fucking work fucking awesome!)))