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  1. Damn that grill is clean
  2. hkp

    Curse of the Cressida

    more pics of polished supra bruh
  3. hkp

    "Half China Bullshit Build"

    Looks great dude
  4. hkp

    Charging issues on stock jzx81

    I have a 90 Cresta, stock motor with intake and exhaust, the p.o. had an issue with the car eating alternators, he took the car to a mutual friend who did some shit and installed a fuse, this stopped it from eating alternators, something to do with an exciter wire. P.O. installed powered by max multi gauge that shows Volts, oil temp and pressure, works great, I buy car knowing that car has a parasitic drag on battery, havent had much down time, I just pull negative lead when the car is going to sit overnight and put it back on when i leave for work. Here recently, the car has been acting like a dick head, I get in the car, fire it up, says its charging at 11.1v, run the car for about 5 minutes, then it shoots up to 14.5v and charges at that for awhile and then settles into 13.5v after a little bit of driving. This morning however, it didnt do that, it was charging at 11.1v then progressively got worse until it was "charging" sub 9v with the car slowly dying (not charging). I didnt have time to fuck with it, left in the driveway and grabbed ol reliable (03 RX8 with factory engine and 115,xxx miles) and I drove to work. I don't know shit about the charging circuit on this car so I figured I would ask here, it makes sense, I like being told I'm fucking stupid for not check blah. Any ideas? Also, when looking for parasitic drag, I used my multimeter on amps between neg lead and battery neg, I pulled fuse installed by P.O. to protect charging circuit and it was a substantial drop in battery draw, that would mean that somehow the charging circuit was drawing power when car is in key off position.
  5. hkp

    Charging issues on stock jzx81

    Also installed new battery
  6. hkp

    Charging issues on stock jzx81

    Okay, new Denso alternator tested at 14.5 volts, Previous owner had installed a new charge wire, he also ran a new wire from the plug to the under hood fuse box and put an inline fuse holder on that wire. That fuse when pulled, kills the parasitic draw, i cant figure out why that wire causes the draw. the white wire is wired to the inline fuse and then to the fuse block. here is a link to show you what i did. https://youtu.be/T6hiPSNYNjQ
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    16x10.5 -3 bbs rs 5x114.3

  8. hkp

    Curse of the Cressida

    lookin great dude
  9. damn, that turd has the front lip i need
  10. like theres a taco i wouldnt suck dick for? offset queen
  11. janine burrito look good af, kyle burrito looks like sad dick cali bullshit
  12. tomorrow? I wont be home til after 6, you know how to get in, I'll put down the silk sheets, wear "the red pair".
  13. theyre all gonna be gone, kyle and i are jumping on the beans wagon with our dicks in each others hands.
  14. Only if we can get a conversion van.
  15. LS400 can eat a dick too
  16. when we finish the is300, the cresta is charging right, the protege trans is in, and the RX8 lip is back on, all 5 of my cars on are going on craigslist, last man standing wins.
  17. lets make a paint booth in my garage and spray that bitch
  18. hkp

    Charging issues on stock jzx81

    I'll check amp draw again tonight before I remove the alternator.
  19. hkp

    Charging issues on stock jzx81

    This the third alternator, something else is causing this.
  20. hkp

    WTB:JZX100 Wiring harness

    "looks like good work" ya fuckin think?
  21. hkp


    So its been a while, I have been doing a lot of nothing, I recently sold my 540i and was given 3000 dollars from the wife to replace it. She decided I didnt need a car payment, we needed a pool payment more, so she designed a pool and we had a friend build it for us. I took my 3k and got real lucky, I scored an 02 IS300 factory 5 speed for 2200 bucks that had a blown head gasket. The car needed body work, it had been rear ended and the tailights were pushed out to the side, took it to a friends bodyshop, we yanked the rear until we got it pretty close, i fucked with the front bumper, he fucked with the door. didnt turn out to bad and it was free. I got it home, pulled the head, sent it to machine shop, put everything back together, was super stoked, did some burnouts and donuts, destroyed the bottom end, and laughed. I guess a car sitting for 2 years in the ghetto with a water oil mixture sitting in the pan marinating the bearings isnt good for them. I was then at a crossroads, find a shitty n/a 2jz motor and slap it back together or listen to Austin and buy a 1JZ, I bought a JZX100 VVTI motor from jdm engine corps in texas.... or so i thought. I received the motor and to my surprise it was a JZS171 motor. So I was kind of pissed, luckily Kyle was like fuck that, Ima build you a harness, I got an ecu, and a throttle body. So I pulled all of the bullshit off the motor and started prepping it, I sent Kyle a boomslang extension, he made me a wiring harness and then came to my house and we started it. Super pumped, motor runs smooth, idles at like 600rpm, super crisp throttle, no cels, couldnt have gone better today. Over the weekend I plan on charging the A/C and start plugging away on the intercooler. Just so you know, the idea of this swap was to not spend a bunch of money, I reused my stock trans, I had my cousin reline the stock clutch disk, I got an intercooler from Kyle that he had laying around, I modified my fuel sender for a return using a brass bulkhead fitting and Austin gave me the idea to use the evap line as the return line. So far Im about 1500 into this swap and I dont plan on spending anymore money with exception of fluids. I am welding some old pipe onto the stock downpipe piece they left attached and tying into my old exhaust, the intercooler will be pieced together from leftover crap I have laying around. I should end up with 300whp, A/C, power steering, and a semi quiet exhaust. Thanks Kyle a million times over being a solid ass dude, for those that remember, about 3.5 years ago Kyle bought my 1JZ cressida that was rolled over, its kind of funny that we ended up here today. The only cool thing about this motor, when being put into an IS300, the motor mounts, the A/C compressor, the alternator, and the oil pan were all the same, it was great, it all just bolted right in, i even ran it for a second on the stock ecu.
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    I'm glad it's alive as well