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  1. Damn that grill is clean
  2. hkp

    Curse of the Cressida

    more pics of polished supra bruh
  3. hkp

    "Half China Bullshit Build"

    Looks great dude
  4. hkp

    Charging issues on stock jzx81

    Also installed new battery
  5. hkp

    Charging issues on stock jzx81

    Okay, new Denso alternator tested at 14.5 volts, Previous owner had installed a new charge wire, he also ran a new wire from the plug to the under hood fuse box and put an inline fuse holder on that wire. That fuse when pulled, kills the parasitic draw, i cant figure out why that wire causes the draw. the white wire is wired to the inline fuse and then to the fuse block. here is a link to show you what i did. https://youtu.be/T6hiPSNYNjQ
  6. hkp

    16x10.5 -3 bbs rs 5x114.3

  7. hkp

    Curse of the Cressida

    lookin great dude
  8. damn, that turd has the front lip i need
  9. like theres a taco i wouldnt suck dick for? offset queen
  10. janine burrito look good af, kyle burrito looks like sad dick cali bullshit
  11. tomorrow? I wont be home til after 6, you know how to get in, I'll put down the silk sheets, wear "the red pair".
  12. theyre all gonna be gone, kyle and i are jumping on the beans wagon with our dicks in each others hands.
  13. Only if we can get a conversion van.
  14. LS400 can eat a dick too
  15. when we finish the is300, the cresta is charging right, the protege trans is in, and the RX8 lip is back on, all 5 of my cars on are going on craigslist, last man standing wins.