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  1. Anton

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    cant let go of the x life
  2. Anton

    Aussie GX81 Mark II

    Hey im anton from Western australia picked up a GX81 mark 2 a month or so ago and i have been working on getting it licenced. it is now and its time for me to start modifying it It's about time I put this up the car is a 1988 GX81 Mark II , Factory Manual and its Stock as i got the car licensed last week and a whole bunch of parts is on order and as per usual it required some work , and still more work after a few hours and then some more + test fit rims Ready for Pits in-terms of how much i paid for it i wont discuss but lets just say it was payment for work not yet completed. This arrived on thursday and i only just got it out of its dark corner according to the advert i was buying a yamaha concept rear spoiler , it isnt. *sigh* oh well itll do for now will be taking some HQ photos (ran over my phone so photos taken on a clunker) once some stuff arrives. Ordered most of the items a week or so ago should be here soon - Coilovers - Rear sun visor - Weather-strips then its time to save for engine swap
  3. Anton

    Aussie GX81 Mark II

    holy hell this was a long time ago. long story short, some guy pulled me up on the side of the street and wanted the car badly i picked a stupid number he agreed , he paid me and took the car. spotted it the other day still looks great 3 years later ill have something else one day
  4. Anton


    you from NZ you sheep shagging , you love the wooly shit don't you, get a real car every fag has a jzx100 anything after a Jzx81 is just johnny come lately fags who want to be in the cool ppl circle jerk
  5. Anton


    so you had that stock for 5 years? maybe your prices are too high
  6. Anton


    This picture clearly shows that you have Calendar pictures AND Water Heaters in stock, why you no sell, is it because I'm not down with the jive...
  7. Anton

    X pics only!!!!

  8. Anton

    [BLACKBIRD] MY JZX81 Build

    old skool gauges, very nice, i got full set of OMORI old skool gauges to go in , im super JELLY man
  9. you should add it to the sticky, so there can be NO excuses
  10. Naked...... tits should suffice, don't need to see a guys GF's with a couple digits in her... Although
  11. ^^^ Must be photos of their girlfriend, and this must be verified, and if said girlfriend has fucked other members this should be clarified.....
  12. ETA on the single turbo, hoping to have my mk2 back out by last sunday of december ( ok just checked thats not happening this year but would make for a great present) try to get a bunch of us together and all just waste a perfectly good set of tires
  13. fuck yeah man, x8 good choice for a daily, when your ready for coilovers lemme know let you drive mine see how my BC's feel
  14. Anton

    cressi love!

    fucking great... chasing an x7 for a new daily, looks just wicked
  15. Anton

    from housewife to pick-a-pull

    damn man, unlucky i live in fear daily driving my car to work with all the muppets on the road in my state.... another x chassis would be good though 2jzge good daily spec
  16. Anton

    Chaser vs Cresta vs Mark II?

    for me X8 = Mark II X9 = Mark II X10 = Chaser
  17. Anton

    JZX81 - 2JZGTE With T04Z

    so many JZX81 in perth now , GL with sale Jay
  18. Anton

    Aussie GX81 Mark II

    its not perfect, could have done it better but i seriously though why bother itll be dented up in no time specially with every Tard pushing down on my car to see how stiff it is... but what gets me is why does everyone de-badge their car, badges are COOL
  19. Anton

    Aussie GX81 Mark II

    Been a long time since i updated, not much has happened minor updates major thing is car finally got painted here is some pictures no real updates coming for now its going nice and reliable for the moment, next mods will come when major items start to fail/break try to save some cash have it put aside for when it happens. until then ill move my focus to a more track oriented car initially drift but will see..
  20. about time you made it here jared
  21. Anton

    Aussie GX81 Mark II

    fitted new 2way mechanical, 4.11 ratio might chase down some 4.3's
  22. Anton

    SPARCO NS-06 Cheetah 18x10.5+18 MINT!!

    mate is looking for a set of 18" regas i will see if i can convince him to buy these instead... just so i can drool over them in person
  23. Anton

    FS; jz stuff

    shipping on JZ bellhousing and flywheel etc to chickasha OK ( forget the postcode )