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  1. i just jump fp to +b and it works fine. btw this is on a mk3 not x-chassis thanks apxhero
  2. oowee1jz

    Engine Won't Fire..

    automagic neutral start switch bypass?
  3. the ecu could have went bad. it happened to me. it ran right before i pulled the motor out for a rebuild then after the rebuild the ecu suddenly just went bad. a70 ecus go bad very often
  4. oowee1jz

    JZ Time!!

    what steering wheel is that? i want!
  5. I'm in the process of making a patch harness for a JZA70 harness to JZZ30 ecu, and I have a few questions. On the pinout diagrams that I used, there were slight differences to what each pin is abbreviated to, for example PM is map sensor on the JZZ30 diagram and PIM is map sensor on the JZA70 diagram so I want to make sure that these are correct. PM on the JZZ30 ecu is same pinout as PIM on the JZA70 ecu VCC on the JZZ30 ecu is same pinout as VC on the JZA70 ecu EVP PAG on the JZZ30 ecu is same pinout as EVP on the JZA70 ecu Second, the JZZ30 ecu has an extra ground called E11 that the JZA70 doesn't have. Do I just splice into an existing E(x) ground? And third, where do the FC and FPR pinouts on the JZA70 ecu and PFC and D1 pinouts on the JZZ30 ecu go? So far I was able to match up the following pins on both ecus HT ISC1,2,3, and 4 #10 #20 #30 VF IGF IGT1,2,3,4,5, and 6 E1 E2 E01 E02 THA THW OX KNK1 and 2 TE1 TE2 TT VTA1 and 2 IDL1 and 2 G1+ and - G2+ and - NE+ and - EGW CCO BT BATT M REL W ELS ACMG SPD STA +B IGSW STP NWS here are the diagrams i used jzz30 jza70 I would like confirmation that I am on the right track before I start soldering, thanks
  6. oowee1jz

    Wtb: 1jz ecu with plugs

    looking for a 1jz ecu with the plugs that go into the ecu to make a patch harness, unless its a jza70 ecu. thanks