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  1. @jzxseven : Can you give an explanation about " older Euro Bosch ecu's " to me please...What happens if I turn it to the left one or two click or vice versa, one or two click to the right?
  2. It's OK Kyle...i just cant figure it out my self since i dont understand electricity at all... but once again thanks Kyle
  3. Thanks for quick respons brian but $500 ?... @jzxseven : yes...it click into place when i try to rotating it... @kyle : can i just give some inside photo of ecu to you? Thanks again...
  4. Does anybody know the function of this potentio? It is located on the lateral side of my ecu... Here's some of the pictures... apparently serves to regulate something ... but what? Thanks before...
  5. Dodit

    Alex's Build

    Very very extreemly inspiring....congrat Alex...nice car nice drive....