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  1. Absinthminded

    r154 and swap parts plus my roller

    http://kalamazoo.craigslist.org/pts/3770989826.html I don't have time to post much details here at work. I'm willing to ship the trans. I've enjoyed this site a lot but I have to let this one go. Thanks
  2. Hey D, the new project looks pretty good. Your old eurolines that you sold with the caddy would have been perfect IMO on this hoopty.
  3. Absinthminded

    Rusty McFucking Rust Hole

    Not sure if I see much improvement, less grime. SWEET F&F pedal cover! So, I pulled out the lower stud of the MKIII master and got one nut on and got a bolt in the top of the bracket under the dash. I might replace the master cylinder with something different. I like the remote res setup I found when I was searching. I know you all like to see pics of empty engine bays and clutch pedals.
  4. Absinthminded

    Rusty McFucking Rust Hole

    This fucking turd sat outside on a cement slab for 4ish years, non-running. I had to replace the rear break lines. Once I got a new fuel pump, I got to patch the fuel lines. I might patch some of the rust holes but then again its weight savings.
  5. Absinthminded

    Rusty McFucking Rust Hole

    Wat? I don't understand the words that are coming out of your mouf! I haven't test fitted the trans yet. It came out of a MKIII Pupra, It should fit just fine with a little tunnel massage. Today I made myself a proper drink Cheers, you motherfuckinpiecefoshit, I should #killyouwithfire. A little forward progress is still progress. SOund bullshit out.
  6. Absinthminded

    Rusty McFucking Rust Hole

    After much time has passed Taking the dash out kinda sucked. It would have been wise to have left the carpet in before pulling it. Dash, carpet and random interior is out. Now there is a spaghetti mess of fucking wires and a couple gray boxes on the drivers side behind the dash, I'm not sure what to do with. I wanted to pull all of the insulation from the cabin side of the fire wall but I don't really wan to pull all of that shit to get it out. I do wish to maintain the heat because this will see some street time. Tomorrow, dry ice the interior and power wash the engine bay.
  7. Absinthminded

    Let's talk Fuel Cells and Swirl Pots.

    The fuel cell and swirl pot are cool. I would do a setup like that for a track car. I think your best bet is to find an OE tank and put your money some place else.
  8. AHAHAHA "handle like a pornstars asshole" thats great, I use.
  9. Absinthminded

    wanted to buy - Rosetta Stone for polish

    download the torrent and stfu.
  10. Absinthminded

    My Couch Pulls Out, I Don't: The Resurrection

    Dang, let me know next time. I'd buy a set of those from you.
  11. Absinthminded

    1988 mx73 has no power interior/ exterior

    Good to hear you goot her running.
  12. Absinthminded

    1988 mx73 has no power interior/ exterior

    On my x8 there was a white wire that ran from the fuse/relay box under the hood to the positive on the battery. I mistakenly hooked it up to the neg terminal when I was swaping terminal ends. It sends power to the whole rest of the car. Look for something like that. Its worht a shot.
  13. Absinthminded


    I wasnt sure about the new wheel choice but damn, they look pretty badass.