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  1. lonelywanderer

    6 Speed

    oreofreak had a thread showing his v160 swap into his x8 a while ago. it was pretty detailed iirc
  2. lonelywanderer

    WTB x7 manual seatbelts

    looking for a set in gray in good condition and if you can get the a and b pillar panels aswell
  3. lonelywanderer

    what happened to my order?!

    when i ordered my coils it took a little over months but they got back to my emails within a couple days of them being sent. the s9 stuff came fairly quick, i ended up having to wait longer for the coils to come since they send them straight from stance
  4. lonelywanderer

    Mark Ass Trick. Trick Ass MarkII.

    ohh my oh my!!!
  5. lonelywanderer

    mx83 radiator to mx73 crossmember

    god this took a whole of 10 seconds. time i will never get back helping another lazy idiot http://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=7397&hl=%2Baluminum+%2Bradiator
  6. lonelywanderer

    mx83 radiator to mx73 crossmember

    lol if you only search that and give up thats why you resort to asking. obviously you should be calling yourself the dumb ass since you couldnt find the answer yourself and had to ask a question thats been asked before and answered.
  7. lonelywanderer

    mx83 radiator to mx73 crossmember

    i had this same question a while back and i notice there was a search bar on the upper right of the page so i typed it in and up came a few threads asking this same question with answers to it. whadda ya know no need for asking the same questions over and over
  8. lonelywanderer

    big red jzx81

    those ganadors are sex!!!
  9. lonelywanderer

    w58/jz bell

    sell the bell housing separate?
  10. lonelywanderer

    WTB x7 ac hardline

    i wanna say is 85/86 specific cause if i remember right on my 88 the lines were different configuration
  11. lonelywanderer

    WTB x7 ac hardline

    looking for the hardline that goes in front of the condenser for a 85-86 x7 its the low pressure side or the bigger of the two running in front the condenser
  12. lonelywanderer

    x72 wagon rear end swap with RA40 Celica/Supra?

    this topic has been talked about before.
  13. lonelywanderer

    2JZ-GE vs 2JZ-GTE Information

    i forget where i've read it and i was told if you swap to most aftermarket pistons from the stock TT's you lose the benefit of the oil squirters
  14. lonelywanderer

    Steering - X8 rack bushings

    i got the polyurethane x7 set from the guy in the mail today and put them on my car. put them next to a nice oem set of bushings i had and the dimensions are the same. The fit is nice and tight, had to oval the hole on the driver side bracket cause it doesnt budge like the rubber one to get it bolted to my cross member
  15. lonelywanderer

    Suspension - Wagon Rear Shocks

    lol at the cutting of springs to stiffen the ride....