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  1. So I was looking around and saw that people use the LS400 fan clutch with the 7m fan on their JZ swapped X8. A lot of people complain about it being always locked. Driftmotion sells the clutch with lighter viscous fluid in it to remedy this. http://www.driftmotion.com/mobile/product.aspx?ProductCode=dm724 Being a cheap ass... I've been thinking why pay the $100 they charge if this can be done ourselves. Looking around I found this write-up on clublexus on disassembly and viscous fluid refill: http://m.clublexus.com/forums/showthread.php?t=560775&styleid=13 Came across this article on Toyota fan clutch tuning: http://neuralfibre.com/paul/4wd/tuning-and-understanding-your-toyota-viscous-fan-clutch Apparently Toyota offers 3,000cst 6,000cst and 10,000cst viscous fluid for this purpose. Doing a little more searching I found that the RC community uses the same viscous fluid in their diffs from 50-500,000cst values. I guess some playing around with different weights you could have your fan clutch do what you want. I figure driftmotion probably uses the 3000cst fluid... No way to really know though. The RC stuff is cheaper than buying the factory Toyota fluid which is cool too. Oh and there's rumor a fan clutch from 02-04 V8 Tundras work as well, not sure the differences of clearance it gives in comparison to the LS400 part. Hoping this helps some people out there.
  2. timtiminy

    Torsen diffs

    got lucky this weekend at the local junkyard. Wrecked FR-S. 40% off day so I figured what the hell and pulled the diff, ended up paying $58 for it. Not too shabby. Figure I could weld the open diff I'm pulling out and slap it in the fr-s housing and sell it to a wannabe drifter ZN6 owner and actually make some money lol...
  3. timtiminy

    Torsen diffs

    I'm more interested in gripping the road than sliding around sideways so I'm looking at my options for a torsen unit. Anyone know if the 8" torsen units off the is300 lsd diffs (m98 & m85) will work in the mx83 or ma71 housing? My guess is that they should but I don't know if the axle stub snap ring grooves are in the right place. From my research I'm pretty sure the frs/brz/gt85 use the same torsen unit too and those are pretty plentiful so could be a good grab.
  4. MMRAD-CRS-89 Mishimoto Radiator specs say 2.04"(52mm) core, $310 on Amazon. Koyo is selling for $290 on the bay currently
  5. http://koyoradracing.com/news.asp?id=182
  6. timtiminy

    digital speedometer x8

    Was there a mx83 speedometer that was driven off a VSS rather than cable driven other than the digital cluster? Or a speedometer off an entirely different car that could work in the stock location of the cluster (same size with matching reset button location) thats vss driven? I don't want have to buy one of these to drive drive the stock mechanical speedo off a vss https://www.speedhut.com/Speedbox.html I'll probably go with a cheap gps speedo until i figure out something that will look stock. May just say fuck it and have to deal with it but thought I'd ask if its been done before
  7. timtiminy

    digital speedometer x8

    Good to know Ben, I'll have to hit up some Aussies then!
  8. timtiminy

    digital speedometer x8

    ar5, theres a trigger wheel on the tailshaft thats read by a vss in the same rough location as the speedo drive on the r154. unsure if its actually part of the tailshaft or removable. I guess its possible if it is removable to replace it with a worm gear but thats a big if and then theres the whole issue of the speedo drive gear being at the right height off of the tailshaft housing for the gears to mesh and finding the right gears for the correct speedo reading. Being that the trans is already in the car i'm thinking it might be easier to mod the cluster for a digital speedo.
  9. Megan rear arms are now available, decent prices too:
  10. timtiminy

    Torsen diffs

    Didnt realize the new T2 torsens in the FRS had friction plates on the ends of the worm gears. Were the older t2's the same?
  11. timtiminy

    digital speedometer x8

    went google hunting and found something that might work... 100 series landcruiser speedo
  12. timtiminy

    1JZ-FSE Questions

    Not worth it. fse is for economy not power. Its a redheaded stepchild in the JZ family so no telling what regular maintenance parts you can't get. 11:1 compression and only makes about as much as a 2jzge. I'd look into going 2JZGE, You can NA-t it if you want to make more power and they're tons cheaper, in my experience there's at least a couple in every wrecking yard I've gone to and parts are available at every auto store. Either that or 1uzfe.
  13. regular roll center adjust, corrects lower control arm angle to help eliminate bump-steer Ackerman adjust gives near zero Ackerman so front wheels don't fight each other at extreme counter-steer gives parallel steering NCRCA: Negative Camber roll center adjust, same as regular roll center adjust but adds negative camber to wheel by pushing hub out same as longer lower control arms would do. I do believe they are aluminum with steel locating dowels
  14. technotoytuning evolved rca's. Waiting on mine for the mx83 currently, their email said they're currently in production
  15. timtiminy

    Rear Upper Control Arm ball joint cheap fix

    yaris one is way too small. Compared the 4runner one mentioned here to a tacoma one, 4runner being 43.35mm and tacoma 44mm diameter looks like it might do the trick tapers are a bit different though but no telling the 4 runner one actually fit how it should in the upright anyhow so the tacoma one could be correct entirely. 4runner 43310-39016: http://www.jikiu.com/catalogue/374950 tacoma 43310-09015: http://www.jikiu.com/catalogue/374949
  16. Well this looks like the perfect fit if dimensions listed are accurate for the part: JIKIU - BH21195B http://www.jikiu.com/catalogue/679972/ -edit- Verified dimensions (Jikiu — BH21195 — 48*38*14) Japanese made too!
  17. Yeah Gordo, I was thinking the ID might be able to be reamed out to size otherwise running a smaller diameter bolt would mean the arm that attaches to it with its 14mm hole could introduce slop on the bigger hole of the arm. Its apparently the bushing used in the JZX90 and JZX100 in the same palce so I wouldn't worry too much about the bolt diameter not being strong enough. JZX90/100 arms might be interchangeable here but then you're running into buying more parts unless you're already going aftermarket adjustable pieces anyhow.
  18. Decided to go google hunting and figured I would check if the LS400 bush might be similar and it looks like it... Seems like the Russians figured this out for us https://forums.drom.ru/toyota-mark-ii-chaser-cresta/t1151579528-p2.html#post1103205325 Can't seem to find a valid toyota part number but since you all like chinamade parts Febest TAB-168Z or Masuma RU-365. Dimensions listed have a bit of discrepancy but overall are the right Diameter and close to the same width, ID is smaller bore. Febest site seems to indicate that it also fits a mercedes so possibly an oem part available there.
  19. There's 42210-20010 which fits the is300...
  20. timtiminy

    Russian fiberglass

    Browsing the bay, saw a seller dpcustomsvl selling frp fenders, trunks and doors. thought I'd let you guys building grandpa race cars know.
  21. Does a decent job when you scale and have reference measurements if you're just looking for general size. Red lines are all 36mm referenced off of 42210-14010 O.D. and ruler in picture, green line is O.D. of compared part (Toyota: SU003-00370 Subaru: 20257XA000) which comes to almost 40mm which is a bit bigger than the 38mm it needs to be so it give me a good idea that it's not worth making the trip to the dealer or spend the money to buy the part and measure.
  22. After some photoshop scaling it looks like the OD of the bushing is almost 40mm so it wont fit without machining the bore of the upright anyhow... looked close enough to fool me.
  23. @demesio I think you're referring to the 42210-14010 supra bushings, If you even bothered to read my post you'd notice I'm referencing a different part number as I think it might fit our uprights without an adapter sleeve.
  24. Bringing this back from the dead since I thought it was the most relevant topic for mx83 lower control arm bushings. I was installing some coilovers on my buddies FR-s and noticed they have a very similar looking bushing. Its been used in quite a bit of subaru's too. I'll have to order one and see how it measures up but here's the part number and a pic in case anyone else wants to try it out before me. Toyota: SU003-00370 Subaru: 20257XA000