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  1. timtiminy

    WTB JZ R154 bellhousing <$300

    Looking to buy a JZ R154 Bellhousing for sub $300 shipped. Pm me if you have one laying around. Thnx
  2. https://toyota.epc-data.com/mark_ii/mx83/135273/ and https://www.amayama.com/en/genuine-catalogs/epc/toyota-usa/cressida/MX83L?ref=ae
  3. timtiminy

    X8 motion ratios

    Figured I’d ask if anyone knew the f+r motion ratios for the x8 chassis. Don’t want to have to actually measure if someone here happens to know. I know most don’t care and just run the 12k 8k springs that come on off the shelf coilovers. I’m gonna rebuild some coilovers with Bilstein pistons and valving to suit the springs I end up picking. I’m gonna have to measure unsprung weight at some point so if no one knows the motion ratios I’ll post them here when I get around to measuring them.
  4. timtiminy

    1989 Cressida Part Out - Northern IN

    climate control buttons if you still have them.
  5. timtiminy

    Torsen diffs

    got lucky this weekend at the local junkyard. Wrecked FR-S. 40% off day so I figured what the hell and pulled the diff, ended up paying $58 for it. Not too shabby. Figure I could weld the open diff I'm pulling out and slap it in the fr-s housing and sell it to a wannabe drifter ZN6 owner and actually make some money lol...
  6. MMRAD-CRS-89 Mishimoto Radiator specs say 2.04"(52mm) core, $310 on Amazon. Koyo is selling for $290 on the bay currently
  7. http://koyoradracing.com/news.asp?id=182
  8. timtiminy

    digital speedometer x8

    Good to know Ben, I'll have to hit up some Aussies then!
  9. timtiminy

    digital speedometer x8

    ar5, theres a trigger wheel on the tailshaft thats read by a vss in the same rough location as the speedo drive on the r154. unsure if its actually part of the tailshaft or removable. I guess its possible if it is removable to replace it with a worm gear but thats a big if and then theres the whole issue of the speedo drive gear being at the right height off of the tailshaft housing for the gears to mesh and finding the right gears for the correct speedo reading. Being that the trans is already in the car i'm thinking it might be easier to mod the cluster for a digital speedo.
  10. Megan rear arms are now available, decent prices too:
  11. timtiminy

    Torsen diffs

    Didnt realize the new T2 torsens in the FRS had friction plates on the ends of the worm gears. Were the older t2's the same?
  12. timtiminy

    digital speedometer x8

    went google hunting and found something that might work... 100 series landcruiser speedo
  13. timtiminy

    digital speedometer x8

    Was there a mx83 speedometer that was driven off a VSS rather than cable driven other than the digital cluster? Or a speedometer off an entirely different car that could work in the stock location of the cluster (same size with matching reset button location) thats vss driven? I don't want have to buy one of these to drive drive the stock mechanical speedo off a vss https://www.speedhut.com/Speedbox.html I'll probably go with a cheap gps speedo until i figure out something that will look stock. May just say fuck it and have to deal with it but thought I'd ask if its been done before
  14. timtiminy

    1JZ-FSE Questions

    Not worth it. fse is for economy not power. Its a redheaded stepchild in the JZ family so no telling what regular maintenance parts you can't get. 11:1 compression and only makes about as much as a 2jzge. I'd look into going 2JZGE, You can NA-t it if you want to make more power and they're tons cheaper, in my experience there's at least a couple in every wrecking yard I've gone to and parts are available at every auto store. Either that or 1uzfe.