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    LS1UZ project

    This has really got off topic and mean-spirited , I hope this thread holds it together until I post up some results . When I started this thread I clearly stated I had most of the parts to pull this off , I don't need any help achieving this goal but I would appreciate any support or insight on this setup . So I don't care about your opinions or suggestions on what's better , cheaper , easier or is a better option unless it is insightful to or supports this project . My mind was made up before I posted anything up about this topic or started this project .

    LS1UZ project

    Wow that's a good tip thanks Gordo ! I already bought the kit but I will talk to him later today and maybe the kit will become plan B . Thanks again , I can't believe we had not thought of this .

    LS1UZ project

    The reluctor is to small to chuck up in my buddy's lathe so we are going to mod a sherline jewelers lathe with a kit to increase the swing over the bed . I thought of using the 2uz but I want an aluminum block in my car . If the 2uz heads don't work on the 1uz short block I will probably put some Chinese h-beam rods in it and put it in a truck . I will poste up some pictures of the 1uz with 2uz heads when I get some time to bolt it together .

    jzx100 - 1JZGTE VVTi wiring bare minimum

    Yes you should need STA so the ECU has voltage while you are cranking the starter . NSW neutral start switch is only needed if your car is auto or the ECU is auto than you would need to wire STA and NSW to the start signal . Connecting the STA NSW pins together fools the ECU to think it is in park or neutral .

    LS1UZ project

    I'm still wasting on the crank reluctor should be any day . I picked up the 2uzfe for a hundred bucks it came with a uncut 2wd harness , coils , injectors , intake , throttle, both oil pans , flex plate , exhaust manifolds and everything except the power steering , a/c compressor and alternator . I have been working on the wiring harness using the coils and connectors from the 2uz on the ls1uz I will post up some pictures when I get further along .

    LS1UZ project

    My buddy that is doing the machine work on the crank reluctor says he will have it for me this weekend . Also I'm picking up a 2uzfe engine friday so I can design a cam reluctor and bolt the 2uzfe top end on a 1uzfe bottom end and see if it will turn without any collision . I'm going to start the wiring harness this weekend and try the 2uzfe coils with the GM pcm .

    steering wheel off center after turning.

    I put some eBay urethane bushings on a customers car they worked good , only took a few minutes to install and they were only like 40 bucks shipped . I'm planning to build a tubular cross member with a IS300 or GS300 steering rack and tension rods like a 240 for my car .

    Can we talk about bash bars?

    This is bad ass , I got to build one of these for my mark II bumper .

    LS1UZ project

    The signal gets corrupt when they use double row timing gears and the sensor is misaligned with the reluctor so they use the lt1 sensor and the fat single row reluctor to correct it .

    jzz30 vs jzx90 ecu

    The x90 has a 16 bit processor , to me they sound different and I have not had to put caps in one yet although they are newer . I have not seen any difference in rev limit .

    water/methanol injection on a 1jzgte vvti

    Have you tried mixing in some toluene in you shit gas ?

    LS1UZ project

    I'm not 100% but I believe to use a fat single row reluctor you would run a crank angle sensor from a lt1 . I went this route because I know it will work and I can get to fit under the stock plastic covers on any non vvt-i uz motor or combination of non vvt-i block and non vvt-i heads .I have been thinking of 2uz top end on a 1uz long block . I like the forward facing manifold , the shim under bucket heads with logic based coils and the level intake ports for mounting the TRD blower or ITB's .

    LS1UZ project

    This is the exact same Chevy crank reluctor and crank angle sensor they use on a L21 454 and it is the one you would use to convert a 454 to lsx pcm . I'm confident it will work for me the same way it works for the 454 . Pictured hear is the crank angle sensor and reluctor I am using , the reluctor mounted on an old 454 and the L21 454 vortec that I sourced the parts from .

    LS1UZ project

    Also I understand that I need to wire the coils for the 1uz's firing order like when you wire a ls1 pcm for an old small block .

    LS1UZ project

    Thanks for all your replies 4U2QUIK . I am machining the Lexus crank reluctor and the Chevy crank reluctor from a L21 454 to fit together like a miniature adjustable cam gear so I can rotate the Chevy crank reluctor 360 degrees to accommodate the fixed location I will be placing the crank angle sensor from the same L21 454 . Once I have it working my plans are to have a fat one piece single row 24x reluctor either water jet or CNC plasma cut to fit the 1uz crank . I hope to see the parts soon , I will post up pictures as soon as I get it together .