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  1. Stephen

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    i mean, welcome to a decade ago. X8s were all over the scene and they've died because too many were destroyed via drifting. they're definitely still considered a very cool chassis, they're just pretty rare these days with 1J's getting slapped hard with drift tax and the lack of available straight chassis. there's a reason everything's getting K-swapped these days. that's just everything old vs. new. new cars are so gigantic the boats of yesteryear look like sub compacts. my e30 makes my old x8 look like a yacht, but that same yacht looks like a pinto next to a brand new corolla.
  2. Stephen

    Sleeper MX83 build

    cutting and stitching is literally the oldest trick in the book for widening fenders. it just generally takes a lot more effort and time than basic rivet-on flairs. its only real advantage is that it looks OEM. you're limited by the metal available on the original part. if you go too wide, you're also significantly heightening the arch of the wheel well. the above example is also a really modest job. its pretty much someone that was more comfortable with stitch welding the fenders than learning to properly roll them without damaging them. every other time i've seen this method used its been to apply a really aggressive pull rather than a modest one, and its often included flares after the fact as well.
  3. Stephen


    do it. no balls.
  4. Stephen

    2UZ Pissin me the fuck off.

    wtf fuckin' 16 month necro
  5. Stephen

    1990 MarkII

    why u in texas.... gief car
  6. mirrors might actually be the stupidest fucking thing on the car. and i mean, look at it. that says a fuck ton. and that white leather wheel. gonna be dirtier than an east side hooker in no time.
  7. Stephen

    FS: 1uz/w58 direct swap for 89-90 X8

    @hucker yeah, Zongo has been quite the project. he's put a lot of hard work into it, but its a gorgeous end result.
  8. Stephen

    1JZGTE VVTI Standalone Options!

    can you not bump ancient threads thank you. this is a moot question TBH. anyone thinking about what standalone to use should consult with their tuner to see what they're comfortable and familiar with first. why get set on something when your guy can't be your guy because he can't guy your guy. unless you do your own shit. then just go fuck yourself. because i don't have your knowledge. but i love you mark.
  9. fuck you all, i want an rx22 and none of you can take that away from me.
  10. Stephen

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    give me your wheels. nao.
  11. no this is something very different... still under wraps for now though. i don't mess with mazdas. too many tranny and rear end issues.
  12. honestly not a fan. someone needs to just make copies of the gx81 bumpers. its the best looking bumper for the x8, not close.
  13. your FlickR is straight BP porn. I wish you lived on this side of the country so i could have you make my next exhaust mani.