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  1. Thought it would be worth a shot to see if anyone has either a Chaser front end or a kit they are wanting to get rid of. I'll be driving from Michigan to Phoenix next weekend for NYE and then again sometime in March or April, so between now and then if you're along the way let me know and I can swing by and pick it up. Let me know what (if anything) you guys have. Cash in hand.
  2. Already has it: '03 Honda 954RR motorcycle engine. Bitch is going to RIP.
  3. I guess it's that time again... Fall 2012: After Automass Rd. 2 last September, the car was forced into hibernation into the depths of the mancave garage. Crab had been doing LeMons the past few seasons in his MetSHO Gaguar, with my buddy Mike (Z31) on the team, so the conclusion of the 2012 season saw the MetSHO change hands over to Mike so Brian (Crab) could continue work on his next LeMons racer, a 1969 Subaru 360: The MetSHO then took the Cressida’s spot in the shop, so work could commence for the following season. At the same time I also decided that I needed a few new additions to my arsenal, so I picked up an HK USP 40 and a Bushmaster Carbon 15. My fall/winter/spring diet then consisted of MetSHO prepping and the destruction of washing machines. Spring/Summer 2013: The MetSHO is prepped, we run our first race at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, MI and we do quite well. After the race we continue sorting out reliability issues, add a few upgrades and decided to retheme the car before the next race in Joliet, IL later in the summer. Around that time I got wind that Keith was parting out the Cressida, so I jumped at the chance to help a buddy out and get a bunch of things I was in need of for my swap. Long story short, dong on titties. Monster Tajima's Pikes Peak Suzuki: MetSHO: http://blog.caranddriver.com/lemons-chicago-inspections-v6-swapped-geo-metro-battle-of-the-century-iron-duke-racers-prepared-for-glory/ http://blog.caranddriver.com/lemons-chicago-day-one-camaro-somehow-leads-v6-metros-skirmish/ Fall 2013: Things have now slowed down after the summer and I realized how much I missed drifting and driving my car. It has more or less sat in the garage for almost an entire year while I worked away my life, found many other things more important than enjoying a 25 yr old POS Cressida that thinks it’s a bass boat, and raced an amazing season in LeMons. I think in the back of my head I really just wanted to wait until it was turbo’d before getting back at it and attending events again, which is why I have been acquiring all of my parts over the past year. I only need a few more things and I will have everything that I need, so my plans for the fall/winter include FINALLY doing my NA-T swap, tying up loose ends and redoing a few things that I halfassed just to get the thing driving and on the road. MetSHO Build Thread: http://www.ziptied.com/forums/index.php?topic=29727.0 360 Build Thread: http://www.ziptied.com/forums/index.php?topic=36489.0
  4. Dewback9

    Front end shakes? Snap rings

    I get a weird ass shake at ~45mph cruising and it can be pretty violent at times and the car has done it since I've owned it. Would this be the shake you speak of?
  5. Dewback9

    2JZ-GE vs 2JZ-GTE Information

    I still don't understand why more people don't use a GE engine and go to town. If you plan on doing a badass turbo setup, why deal with a bunch of shit you'll end up get rid of. That was my logic behind getting a 2JZ-GE. I would have a nice platform to start with and then I could pick and choose exactly what I wanted to do with it. Chris I've also heard about the debate with the oil squirters. A lot of guys end blocking them off when they are north of 700hp because they start to have issues which makes sense. Both blocks are nearly bullet proof up to about 900hp, and if you are lucky enough to get a low mileage engine (mine had like 85k when I swapped,) you won't even have to touch the bottom end. Theres also a thread on one of the supra forums going into detail with the flow characteristics of the 3 heads (GTE, GE, AND 1JZ) and they are quite different throughout the RPM range. The GE head flows better in the mid range compared to the GE, which makes sense for it being NA. I think a ported GE head is the way to go if you plan on going turbo with it. The intake ports are also quite different. I found this out first hand when trying to install my Driftmotion FFIM. A few of GE ports are slightly off, which will require some slight modification in order to get it to fit correctly. The longer runners also put the plenum too close to te brake booster in a Cressida, and even bashing it in doesn't allow for enough clearance, so the runners actually need to shortened in order to accommodate the different plenum, as well as relocating the fuse box in the engine bay.
  6. I would agree, as am I. It's hard to do both and I don't blame him. I guess I'm just a little excited to finally be able to drag skirts at the track