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  1. bkma71

    Steering - I want to go backwards

    how much caster and camber do you run? doesnt look like a very good contact patch at lock. maybe its just the pic or stretched tire though
  2. bkma71

    Team Running Again Mostly version x.7

    looks awesome glad they worked out for you man. Did you get new crush sleeves or shim your old ones? ya removal is a huge bitch. Whats the offset on the front wheels?
  3. bkma71

    R154, 2jz short block

    Umm ya its 7m bellhousing And I do have the iac, so if the intake doesnt sell complete soon and you still want it then we can work out a deal.
  4. bkma71

    R154, 2jz short block

    Negative on the dipstick... I might have the iacv, ill have to double check. It was just a spare intake that I had bought so I don't know the working condition
  5. bkma71

    R154, 2jz short block

    Selling some extra shit. Not horribly desprate Prices are for pickup only dont want to deal with shipping at the moment. Im located in gresham/east portland or R154 unknown mile and condition but its a r154 how often do they really fail in a stock 7m car- 400 A70 clutch and brake pedal- 50 2jzge shortblock (is300) has cracked piston but has complete front sump setup also- 180 1jzgte intake and throttle body- 120 Ben 503-901-9791
  6. bkma71

    x7 5lug rears

    cut some patch plates burn em in grind and turn them down ( have fun facing threw the weld) Ready for some new holes. Removing rear hubs alone is a pita. After you have done some I think youll find your undercutting yourself. All this and you can get TRUE pre round already 5lug ones from a ms123 crown for about 250 shipped from aus if you look in the right places. Or you can purchase from s9 in the same built manner. Machining new hubs would be stupid and pointless as you have to waste a ton of material its gunna cost a shitload, their splined, take forever and the market is very limited for them. Gl with it man.