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    X pics only!!!!

    Back in the game
  2. WTB: MX83 Passenger Corner Light/ Headlight + JZ/W58 bell housing + JZ clutch/flywheel Would like all of these things in used but good condition. Im cheap, its for my daily. Let me know if anyone has anything. Thanks Kurtis 403-891-4628 * Will buy complete set of corner lights as well! *
  3. NEED: MK3 Toyota Supra W58 Driveshaft (front half) Doing 5 speed on my cressida. Need the front half of an MK3 W58 drive shaft. Let me know Kurtis
  4. ship the kit to calgary? soo easy, just toss it on the greyhound as is.
  5. goat

    DM AeroDesign MX83 Rear Roof Spoilers

    Cant wait to get mine. Hopefully Ill see it next week!!!
  6. goat

    goats jzx

  7. i would be interested for sure!
  8. +1 on the fire extinguisher! I had a small fire in my jzx after my swap. Not cool, good thing I was close to home. This will serve as a reminder to pick one up from walmart!
  9. goat

    goats jzx

    Haha, the tires I burned off didnt make the cut for the drifting stash, all cracked up and shit, so why not burn em off. Turns out my diff bushing sleeve thats welded into the subframe decided to break out. So, gotta order new diff bushings, then take out diff, get the sleeve welded back in. Got a differential shim kit to put it, and hopefully the supra diff will lock up better. Other than that, just a few little things to take care of before I take this thing down to California. !!!! Coachella is gonna be nuts!!!
  10. goat

    goats jzx

    Pretty sure jack bought it off pete, but Im gonna make a copy of it. Burnout. New 19x10 drift spares. I get alot of tires from work, like alot, have 46 ready for this season. All free!
  11. goat

    LCA foolishness

    Jack. I had that issue on my s13 when I did s14 knucles and lca. It was a nightmare. Car would wander all over the road. But the problem was I bought s14 lca that already had s13 ball joints pressed in with s13 knuckles instead of S14. Ended up using s13 ball joint in s14 lca with s13 knuckle. What are you going to do for sway bar location?
  12. goat

    goats jzx

    Turns out a local guy, jack c, might have one coming in, maybe he will be kind enough to let me make a copy of it. ...... jack i know your reading this
  13. goat

    goats jzx

    Can you order me one?
  14. goat

    goats jzx

    I'll get some interior pics soon. Roof spoiler is specific to the jzx81 chassis, so no mx73 or 83 will work. I want one soo bad. Gt35r was custom ordered, I'll get specs later. Stock ecu stock injectors for now. Going to most likely so hks v pro soon with some supra injectors