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  1. Looking for a good condition drivers side shoulder belt assembly with working retractor in blue. Thanks
  2. toyotatodd

    Sparco R100 seat

  3. toyotatodd

    JZ R154 flywheel

  4. toyotatodd

    JZ R154 flywheel

    I found some of the nuts and clips. Supposedly a guy has the caps. Im waiting to see. If not i will let ya know
  5. toyotatodd

    JZ R154 flywheel

    75 bucks shipped
  6. toyotatodd

    Sparco R100 seat

    60 shipped. I have a pending sale for the whole thing but if it falls through i will let ya know
  7. toyotatodd

    Sparco R100 seat

    Have a perfect Sparco R100 seat. Has an xcessive beacket for X8. Harness is the picture is no longer on it. Looking for 275 you pay shipping. I am going to find a box for this to get the shipping price calculated. Can call or text too 509-539-6549
  8. toyotatodd

    IS300 short shifter

    I figured all w and r trans would be able to interchange.
  9. toyotatodd

    IS300 short shifter

    Have a good used 02 and up is300 short shifter. It is a B&M shifter. This shifter is no longer made by B&M. They are getting harder to find. Looking for 175 shipped. Can text 509-539-6549 Couple guys on the IS forums say they have made these work in their r154 trans. I am not sure if it will or not.
  10. toyotatodd

    JZ R154 flywheel

    have a flywheel that came with my engine a few years ago. had it in my car for a few months and was fine but the clutch died and i bought a lightweight fly. no cracks needs to be turned. 75 bucks you pay to ship.can text 509-539-6549 http://www.flickr.com/photos/93962910@N06/8587366494/in/photostream/
  11. toyotatodd

    89 X8 1jz garrett gt35r 7000 OBO

    i didnt want to sell my car man. been fucked up in the hospital and have tons of doc bills to pay. guess i got lucky with the sale. theres guys in seattle asking 9-10k i thought i was being pretty reasonable.
  12. toyotatodd

    89 X8 1jz garrett gt35r 7000 OBO

    6600 And a set of advans
  13. toyotatodd

    89 X8 1jz garrett gt35r 7000 OBO

  14. toyotatodd

    Metal rebel contender BMX 21.25