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  1. mx83fuentes

    WTB- ABS sensor

    looking to buy wheel speed sensor / abs sensors for a MX83 -1990 . thanks
  2. mx83fuentes

    Fuel cell's

    i need a fuel tank for my car. The tank i have is rusted bad so is the fuel pump hanger . So im going to do a fuel cell setup. just wondering if anyone here has done it . If you can post your setups that would be good. so i can have an idea of ho to go about it. thanks
  3. mx83fuentes

    Fuel cell's

    if it was easy to find a mx83 tank in florida i would get it but there hard to find an at this point its cheaper to do a fuel cell setup anyways.
  4. mx83fuentes

    Fuel cell's

    found this one also but i think thats about it. its a nice setup hopefully i get to do something like it. thanks for the Pic @Lofty
  5. mx83fuentes

    Fuel cell's

    this is the only pic i found. its from 1jz747 drag car
  6. mx83fuentes

    Fuel cell's

    i have been looking but everyone selling a whole car no one is parting them out. fuel cell is the way to go at this point.
  7. mx83fuentes

    Sleeper MX83 build

    im going with the CTSV 4 pot still collecting parts for my build. I want to run 17's on my car. what brake lines you running in the rear ?
  8. mx83fuentes

    Curse of the Cressida

    why would you need a meth kit to run E85 ? You wont need it.
  9. mx83fuentes

    Shops / Sellers (Good, bad, ugly...)

    Ordered rear arms for my mx83 from KFD out in Russia cool guy. Took about two weeks. Highly recommend him .
  10. mx83fuentes

    nissan rims ?

    was up guys. will s14 se wheels fit on a mx83? thanks
  11. mx83fuentes

    2jzge turbo manifold an 95 ecu F/S

    60 shipped let me know.
  12. I'm selling a turbo manifold for a 2jzge for 130.00 call me or text me 786 395 4728 or PM me thanks for looking i also have a 95 ecu M/T 100.00 brand =idk used idk how many miles no crack, dents or dings T4 [/img]
  13. mx83fuentes

    X8 Kidhauler Baller

    dam AC lol im do that to my to my car its getting hot in miami dude
  14. mx83fuentes

    X8 Kidhauler Baller

    well im the 2jz distributor on the 2j an it works fine lol will see i guess
  15. mx83fuentes

    X8 Kidhauler Baller

    the motor is coming out great. I was looking at post #53 an you dont have to use the 7m distributor for the swap. You can use the 2j one it works fine plugs up to with no problems. Thats what im running on my car I just had to mod the e-coil wire to the distributor because there diffrent sizes.
  16. mx83fuentes

    Garcia's Build

    wowowowow thats bad ass car is going to be sick.
  17. mx83fuentes

    Mark Ass Trick. Trick Ass MarkII.

    great job with the car its sounds crazy!! keep up the great work
  18. mx83fuentes

    Bushing Kit for Mx83 ?

    thanks dude sorry for the trouble
  19. mx83fuentes

    Bushing Kit for Mx83 ?

    Is there a bushing kit out there for a mx83 cressida ? I have been looking around an cant find anything. Thanks for your help guys
  20. mx83fuentes

    American style tuning:

    nice keep it up. what size is the turbo ?
  21. mx83fuentes

    Bushing Kit for Mx83 ?

    dam.......come on guys
  22. mx83fuentes

    Bushing Kit for Mx83 ?

    can u let me know were to find it please
  23. mx83fuentes

    The Q45, new video page 4

    wow you been busy lol good stuff man keep it going an buy a cressida already
  24. mx83fuentes

    Garcia's Build

    kool im trying to find someone in miami that has some s14 springs so i can slap them on my cressida. Until i can save up for some coilovers.......