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  1. I like how you are all talking about hp numbers like that shit matter... something like a turbo uz will produce tourque in places an sr never will... I see where you are coming from with the feel and price but id rather change my trans once every 3 years for $500 then once ever 6 months for $100 do the math the Toyota trans is still cheaper... whatever floats your boat... or rows your gears I should say

  2. Austin you are fuckin drunk!! ka or sr trans before an r154? ive seen atleast 5 sr trannies explode on a stock hp sr... ive also seen soo many ka trans do all sorts of crazy shit like while in gear layin into the pedal an a 450hp ka-t setup 3rd gear sheer the teeth right off... mate those things to something that makes actual tourque sounds like money wasted to me... im sorry you've had trouble with some beatup r154s but ive seen atleast 20 in my personal experience (infront of my own eyes) hold 700hp ALL DAY LONG

  3. Gibbs in all seriousness you've probably never made more the 430 to the wheels im not even gonna talk about your actual torque numbers so your experience with w58s is irrelevant not to be a dick i just hate shitty advice... but the torque that would be produced buy a turbo UZ that's properly setup would grenade a w58 on command

  4. Figured it out... one of the solder joints for the b1 plug broke and after I fixed it the reason the injectors were running wide open was I had the harness unwrapped to look things over and I guess over time on of the injector wires rubbed though its coating and it was grounding out against the inside of the intake manifold... Problem solved... thanks for all the input and quick responses

  5. Ok so I think I found the issue... a shitty solder joint from when I switched from a 91 chassis to a 90... so now I have a new issue and want to clear something up... when you wire up the harness at the round plug (square plug on 91 and up) that goes into the fuse box what goes where? all the wires are black and red but they are not all the same. if you guys need pics or something to determine what plug im talking about exactly I will gladly post them up

  6. Just checked cams did not snap... kyle when you say igf I'm assuming you mean igniter feedback which would be pin 78 on my ecu and pin 3 on the small plug on my igniter just checked that and its got continuity from plug to plug... gonna throw the intake manifold back on and see if I can't get it to run on starting fluid to completly verify that its deff the injectors not firing