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  1. bwcress

    American style tuning:

    vids or it didn't happen... cant wait to get the aem and harness setup and get a tune
  2. youre retarded for looking into it 1uz is a dead end swap just accept it...
  3. bwcress

    Wtb: 2jz gte ps pump bracket

    I have pm me youre shipping info and I will give you a price
  4. bwcress

    American style tuning:

    what size oil restrictor did you use and what size is youre feed and why? seen a lot of dude run that thing no restrictor and swear by that... just curious have the same turbo
  5. bwcress

    PANIC-WIRE www.panicwire.com

    Damn your work is looking amazing... im slacking and need to get my harness out to you for the rework we talked about
  6. bwcress


    Probably has something to do with how much people hate their own miserable lives ... on a less serious note is like to see pics of the le d signals and maybe you could consider putting together a led kit for the tails also... o feel like that would really bring together the whole modern look you are going for
  7. bwcress


    Another waste of time and space argument.... pics of said led turn signals maybe I missed them in the vid a pics
  8. I couldnt have said it better Jackc.... first world problems
  9. bwcress

    X8 seat brackets for Xcessive Manufacturing

    Use some muscle and bend the backet a little... stop being a faggot
  10. I really like it... its baller but functional... but $2400 for the whole deal BEFORE shipping and paypal fees makes it iffy for me even as much as i watch the vid and drool that's a tough pill to swallow... is it worth it? Probably
  11. bwcress


    How does this kit look with the overs you guys are making?
  12. bwcress

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    Wow that's really fast... had an experience with a steering quickiner in an rx7 made the steering super twitchy and I hated it... could have been me not being used to it but that's just my opinion
  13. bwcress


  14. bwcress


    yea they are gonna make another set of molds to make 2 sets of fenders... it would be cool if they did the more options the better but think about it from a business stand point how much profit could they realistically stand to make on mkII fenders even if the sell 10 sets that would be the end of that until someone needed replacements... how many people have a mkII front? then how many of those people are in the market to go widebody? its simple math and they have stated many times that they are gonna stay true to the Cressida nose for this reason
  15. bwcress


    Yea and only you... I think they are smart for sticking to the usdm cressida front... makes for a larger market
  16. wider would be cheaper then higher quality for me lol
  17. sorry about the thread jack but thanks a lot for the input... no I don't have any springs to swap in and unfortunately my car is still ugly so it doesn't get much media coverage at events but to me it doesn't feel like its rolling a lot its just when I put the hammer down on exit or in a larger turn to me it feel like I don't pick up much speed... I guess this season I will have to try and get some video and see... until then im gonna up m tire size and see how it feels... you think if I mess with the dampening some it could possibly help?
  18. gotcha... main purpose of the car is drifting and the traction isn't terrible I guess just upping the tire size would do seeing as I only run a 235 out back...
  19. as far as rear suspension goes bc coil 10k spring rate... xm arms and pillow ball mount... baby 10mm sway bar still in place
  20. I need more traction in the rear I guess this would do the trick? (Im terrible at suspension setup)
  21. bwcress

    How to down-grade and up-grade at the same time.

    4rotors are expensive as shit... ive always had a thing for 929s though so sneak a few pics in here or there im sure no one will mind if its rad... glad do see youre still in it
  22. bwcress

    JZS147 fags - HALP!

    I think if its a rwd 4dr Toyota with a jz you should be alright...
  23. bwcress

    MX83 Clutch Pedal Kit

  24. bwcress

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    So like I said youre perfectly content being a faggot? Come on just admit youre not a car guy youre a poserass faggot that thinks hes a car guy...