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  1. bwcress

    Shaolin Landfill

    i seen them stickers on yo trunk son... you should bring it to the show at target more often... Im watching you
  2. bwcress

    which clutch should i buy?

    I was also thinking about my clutch options but my main concern was getting a clutch the prevented crank walk and absorbed drivetrain shock better. Now i know a twin disk is good for this because it pulls different then a single disk but are there any other alternative clutches the help prevent crank walk that dont come with the twin disk price tag?
  3. how do i get in on this? I need a set of these like asap
  4. bwcress

    Mx83 engine harness question

    im sending my engine harness out to be done for a 1j swap and was wondering if engine harness from a 89 cressida is the same as an engine harness from a 91 cressida? any help is highly appreciated
  5. bwcress

    Mx83 engine harness question

    i actually havent decided if I am going to send it to tweak or jz swapper yet if you have any input on that lemme know im actually just looking for a spare harness to send out so i have less down time
  6. bwcress

    Mx83 engine harness question

    honestly i dont feel like it so id rather pay and have it done right... but thanks for the info
  7. bwcress

    Mx83 engine harness question

    they are not different at all? just double checking