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    chinese aluminum radiators on ebay

    Yes that's individual cfm rating... they are very low draw voltage at idle with them off is like 14.6-15 with them on its like 14.4 so my battery life is unaffected by the fans I also run them on a dual fan controller so there not running all the time I forget the brand but its pure awesomeness
  2. bwcress

    chinese aluminum radiators on ebay

    That's what I've heard that the shrouds are cool but the fans are doodie... you want a good fan check out zirgo I run 2 14" 2200cfm zirgo blue fans and don't have a problem
  3. bwcress

    chinese aluminum radiators on ebay

    Just out of curiousity what is the cfm rating on the mishimoto fan setup? And is this the one that comes with the aluminum shroud setup?
  4. bwcress

    r154 swap in progress and I have a problem. Help!

  5. bwcress

    straight pipe pics

    Hey is that the vibrant 12" resonator or the 18" and is it loud? This is almost the exact setup im going to run. I already have a rep in my area for having loud cars and the cops know me by name (previously owned a straight pipe rx7 lol) and i need to fly under the radar cause im tired of tickets. IS just the vibrant going to be good enough?
  6. bwcress

    chinese aluminum radiators on ebay

    if your really going to look into the s chasis radiator setup you can actually get a radiator with the inlet on either side for a sr swapped s13 or a ka s13 just figured i would let you know to make your life easier before you go cutting anything lol
  7. i put the part # for the rain gaurds in on toyotaparts.net and the site didnt recognize them... i need these cause im a smoker and the cress is my daily and i dont like getting wet lol
  8. bwcress

    Jzx90 engine brackets

    buy my mounts!! if pictures are wanted just pm me your email and i will send them right away
  9. bwcress

    JZ Time!!

    s14 lowering springs^^ they ride like doodie lol
  10. bwcress

    Shaolin Landfill

    oh buy... i guess im gonna have to push and get my swap done now lol
  11. the first pic of a cress in that thread is of my car before i owned it... i wonder what they would say if they see it after the swap is done... it will deff shit on any sr stock for stock... i love people who fail at using their brains lol
  12. bwcress

    JZ into MX83 engine Mounts

    ^^ they should be i ordered my kouki mounts and they are the hotness adjustability is the shizznit!
  13. bwcress

    FS: 1jz Part Out

    if not sold i need the dipstick and if you have how much for the map sensor?
  14. bwcress

    JZ Time!!

    Its an hkb wheel... I got it from rhd japan for like $100 I love the thing and for the price you can't beat it
  15. bwcress

    JZ Time!!

    afc and walbro turn the boost up? yes! lol
  16. bwcress

    JZ Time!!

    Came back the day after fitting the jz to do all the little things Did the clutch master and pedal: Even with that setup it still fits like doodie but whatever lol I like the way the pedals sit i had to bend the clutch pedal arm Power steering: I love this figured out the stock res can be bolted to the tower on the other side and i was actually really happy about that im into the stockish kinda look lol Interior: Bubble shifter FTMFW!!! That is all for today.
  17. bwcress

    JZ Time!!

    More cell phone pics! so i left the 7m on the floor in the garage that night and apparently the jz came down off the stand and finished it off because i got to my garage in the morning and the 7m was bleeding all over my floor lol Put the trans and whatnot on the jz: Changed the rear main seal and put the clutch and all that good stuff together lined everything up and she fell right in: Beat the tunnel the firewall all that good stuff im using the excessive engineering brackets they are the shizznit shifter sits dead center! Got bored and grabbed another bay shot: Ive got a few more pics but i beez hungry i will post them up later
  18. bwcress

    JZ Time!!

    If you mean header no not at all why do you ask? I've got some updates but they will go up alittle later... had a crazy crazy night last night
  19. bwcress

    JZ Time!!

    Sooo i got a little update for you guy who are curious... you know what that means?? cell phone pics YAAAAYYYY! lol Last night i did this: and now i have to clean this: To keep the firewall pad or to not keep the firewall pad is the question... any suggestions?
  20. bwcress

    JZ Time!!

    Im from staten island... 7m can be built nice but its just so much easier going 1j now adays why even bother with that touchy motor
  21. bwcress

    JZ Time!!

  22. bwcress

    JZ Time!!

    They are really hard to come by in larger sizes im only ever seen a few sets for sale but they are a sick wheel
  23. bwcress

    JZ Time!!

    they are avs model 6 they are 16x8 +11
  24. I beg to differ my kind sir... VSKF FTMFW!
  25. bwcress

    Wheel fitment bitches x8!

    Ok im not to worried about the fronts because the front fenders seem to roll easy on the cressida but the rears are where my issue lies i would like to run 17x9+24 front and a 17x10+20 rear now with rolling the rear fenders i keep hearing that there is some sort of cutting and banging involved and i dont care about that i just want to be clear on what needs to be cut and massaged into place and i know there is a tread out there i found it when i first joined but can seem to find it again. Im stock body so i would like to be pretty slammed not extreme but you get the idea. So basically i would like to know how these would fit a recommended tires size and what exactly has to be cut in the rear for a nice roll?