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  1. You should copy the mounts and stays so I can be gay and copy your shit... seriously though I want
  2. bwcress

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    Atleast you have direction... I just feel a 1uz is a deadend street unless you've got a fuckton of money
  3. Stop being a faggot searching for approval from people on here (cause you're never gonna get it) and build your fucking car... or sell methose overs since I highly doubt they will ever actually get put to use... you wanna be a badass prove me wrong dont fuckin cry about it
  4. bwcress

    F.S. Long weighted shift knob

    Is that the factory toyota thread size and pitch? I don't remember... if so pm me your paypal and I will send you some doll hairs for it
  5. bwcress

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    I run one of those tall faggot shifters not because I thinkbit looks cool but because the height give me the leverage to make my beech short shifter feel almost stock... and I can leave my elbow on the armrest and shift when I'm cruisin... don't knock it till you try it
  6. bwcress

    JZS147 Drift Limo

    Throw that log manifold in the garbage and just buy an ebay tubular clean, port and brace that... those log manifold suck for power and fitment
  7. I was wondering how you fit that low offset wheel in the back... I see now... lots of camber
  8. I read the post... sorry you through 2 extra bends was going to change the actual volume instead of just the tone of the gate... I was more ticked by the fact that that you thought it was a good idea to put a 90 directly infront of the outlet... I'm sure you're not running and high boost #s for it to acutually affect you but creep and melting pistons isn't fun.... want a quite gate without having it plumbed back in? There isn't one
  9. bwcress

    WTB X8 passenger side wiper arm

    I have pm me what its worth to you and I will see where shipping would be cheapest and get it out before the end of the week
  10. once again with the over complicated bullshit... why couldn't you just spin the wastegate and cut the length of that stupid ass dump tube in half and it would still come out in the exact same spot... I thought that was the point of having vband shit so it would fit better without being a pain in the ass... think about the extra weight you've added hanging off the end of the wastegate runner that you probably haven't braced up so when that pointlessly heavy dump tube finally cracks the welds on your china manifold and you run your gate over... simplicity is key my friend
  11. bwcress

    mx83 full body kit

    I like this kit a lot...
  12. so whos got cleanly pulled front fenders... like I said im in 1000%
  13. Sooo this is kinda on topic but can someone with some decently pulled front fenders... ones that are nice and smooth and done proper joooeone1 them so he can copy them... I will put full cash up front for the first 2 pairs... no vents none of that stupid shit just a oem look wide front fender. Im tired of everything a wheel grabs my fender or a spin off at the track I have to spend forever searching for a replacement fender its ridiculous and then the prices people want for these things are even crazier. Someone make this happen I will love you long time
  14. bwcress

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    Just unscrew the fitting and leave it... its for if you run and auto trans... you can leave them open or cap them doesn't matter
  15. Yea that's if you're a moron and don't clean them out and brace them before you put it on... obviously he can weld so wtf is the problem here? Hmmm $200 and an hour of your time or $1700... hmm lemme think about this one...
  16. my boys cant say shit about my ebay manifold when I bust their ass on the highway with it... I hate RB guys with a passion... they are almost as bad as BMW guys.... yes there are things you just shouldn't cheap out on but unless this manifold cooks your breakfast in the morning and guarantees you atleast 800hp its not worth 1700
  17. completely lost all respect based on your last comment... its a manifold idiot I don't care if some little Chinese kid made it for $10 or some guy at a shop ass raped you $1700 for it... its just piping welded together there is nothing to fail... yea lemme buy a manifold that cost $200 in material MAXIMUM for $1700... asshole
  18. there is just not a big enough market or someone willing to front a larger amount of money to mass produce the kit so the prices are lower
  19. bwcress

    This will not help anyone

    to my knowledge no... and if we do they are rare as shit... when was the last time you saw and older diesel and stick bmw... NEVER
  20. just buy and ebay tubular manifold... they really aren't that expensive...
  21. I run an air to air setup and from the looks of your bay I can almost guarantee that the volume of my intercooler setup is very close to yours... I just hate overcomplicated garbage... you spring a leak, a fan fails, a pump fails, the extra strain on the charging system the pumps and 7 extra fans cause... just from the way I see it its not worth the headache or money
  22. keep it simple stupid... people make megamonster power on air to air setups.... wtf would possess you to even waste your time with a complicated liquid to air setup... the only people I know that run liquid to air setups run ice water through the heat exchanger and they drag race(very short running time) please stop with the bs and put your abilities towards something the will net you more gains for your efforts and money
  23. youre that guy that likes to over complicate EVERYTHING... atleast you get shit done