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    WTB: 1JZTT ECU and MAF

    it depends on the chasis your motor came out of some map sensors bolt to the intake mani a true jza70 map sensor bolts to the firewall right behind the intake i know i have a jza70 ecu laying around but i dont remember if its fried or not i will crack it open and take a peak at the caps... and i can see if i have a map layin around but i doubt it... but my suggestion to you is pull your head out of your ass a 2 min search on google or yahoo and you know know where and what the map sensor looks like... stop being so fucking lazy
  2. Saw you at the etown event you killed it out there... i was great talkin with you hopefully you come out for more events
  3. bwcress

    1jz/r154 in x83 making fucked up noise

    do you have a 1 piece drive shaft or a 2 piece?
  4. bwcress


    someone ban this guy... you have 55 posts are any of them useful information at all? i highly doubt it
  5. bwcress

    x8 1jz/r154 setup

    plug and play for a kouki or zenki?
  6. bwcress

    X8 Ballerness elohel

    The point of posting in a forum is so that others can gain information on said topic. so your useless posting is just wasting space. when i go to search for something later and this shitty ass thread comes up in the results it makes me want to drive down to wherever the fuck you live and burn your house down with you and everyone related to you in it so no one like you can ever be produced again. TIGER BLOOD! im done with my ranting now suck a dick <3
  7. bwcress

    X8 Ballerness elohel

    Do us all a favor and fucking kill yourself. USE THE FUCKING SEARCH BUTTON DICKHEAD I feel like if you read through anything on this forum you would realize no one here wants to hold your fucking hand figure that shit out yourself. Your intro sucked a bag of dicks this thread sucks a bag of dicks please stop posting until its something usefull
  8. bwcress

    Xcessive Manufacturing

    <3 ... you have a round about maybe sorta kinda date? im tired of my rear floating around under me while im slidin
  9. bwcress

    Xcessive Manufacturing

    Any plans on solid subframe bushings and diff bushings? im in serious need of these
  10. bwcress

    Body - Lets talk weight savings

    1 question... if you have a 1j in your car why do you have a charcoal canister??
  11. bwcress

    bradlee's X8...

    As long as you dont turn this into a dyno queen it should be cool... i just can believe that people still pay almost 40k for one of these things
  12. bwcress

    Wheel fitment bitches x8!

    ^^^ where is the damn like button!!
  13. bwcress

    ikeikei's Cressida

    I love hks turbos they just sound so ganster... wow your rad support looks alot like mine lol on a side note ive seen very bad things happen with those mushroom filters
  14. i read over the post again... thats actually not a bad price considering what you are getting
  15. bwcress

    x90-440s-1jz'w58 bell housing...

    I want just the pan off one lol seems like you gots the good shit
  16. bwcress

    x90-440s-1jz'w58 bell housing...

    want that diff... i will hit you up on fb
  17. bwcress

    Fs- Turbonectics T4 Turbo

    Pics would be awesome... just sayin
  18. bwcress

    just another x8 with a 1jz

    http://www.rhdjapan.com/hkb-d1-spec-deep-steering-wheel-340mm-50142 i love this thing
  19. bwcress

    just another x8 with a 1jz

    looks cool just one question... wtf is up with that steering wheel? lol
  20. bwcress


    What you hit me for charlie??
  21. im sure msd makes something that will work...