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    PANIC-WIRE www.panicwire.com

    What throttle body is on tureks car? ps I will be hitting you up about that tuning solution very soon
  2. bwcress

    WTB 1JZ-GTE NON-VVTi AC Compressor

    hmm that's a first... ive worked several vvti swaps in things and they always had a compressor that accepted the 7m top... I still think youre a retard don't worry... you can do the custom lines and chance your compressor not being good or you can buy one of mine and bolt it on... pm your best offer since it seems like you didn't like my price
  3. bwcress

    WTB 1JZ-GTE NON-VVTi AC Compressor

    i dunno my ac worked...
  4. bwcress

    WTB 1JZ-GTE NON-VVTi AC Compressor

    but I will gladly sell you one that I will guarantee to bolt up and work... just pm me a picture of the ac plug on your harness so I can send you one the requires ZERO modifications... $220 shipped
  5. bwcress

    WTB 1JZ-GTE NON-VVTi AC Compressor

    sure they are different... idiot
  6. if you have an exhaust leak before the wideband o2 even the smallest will mess with the reading... ive also had problems with the pins in the back of the aem jammies not making a good connection
  7. bwcress

    WTB 1JZ-GTE NON-VVTi AC Compressor

    btw I have 5 or 6 known working compressors even one that will be a direct bolt in for your x8 make me an offer
  8. bwcress

    WTB 1JZ-GTE NON-VVTi AC Compressor

    vvti compressor non vvti compressor lol.... youre an idiot if you cant figure out how to make any jz compressor work in your x8 you should give up at life.... I will give you a hint it only takes 4 bolts to fix
  9. bwcress

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    I wish I had the patience for half of the quality and attention to detail in this thread... you car would be dangerous if you put half that effort into a JZ...
  10. is this a twin or single? whats the torque rating on this clutch? you have a part #? very interested but need more info if this is gonna hold up to my next setup
  11. Yup realized like 30sec after I posted that...
  12. not to be a dick but they look like mustang wheels to me?... maybe I missed something
  13. bwcress

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    too bad you didn't cut those front tubes down so when you actually go to lower the front on an 18 your not stuck with that formulaD reverse rake because the front is bottomed out... research is your friend faggot
  14. bwcress

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    ^youre still a faggot...
  15. bwcress

    boost cut defencer

  16. bwcress

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    No matter how hard you try you will always be a faggot... just sell your shit to someone who will actually do something with it now before you nigger rig the thing beyond repair
  17. 160 for the handle... had extra rear calipers/pads/brackets laying around from my last shell... 50 for the brackets someone made on here don't remember the user name $20 for stock corolla rubber brake hoses... the rest was spent on hard lines and fittings
  18. I run a dual caliper setup using stock x8 caliper the setup cost me 250 and that's only because I bought an asd handle cause its cool lookin...
  19. Wtf you doing? You have overs and a kit you're just wasting time and money... cut the shit out seal it and leave it at that you're gonna end up cutting most of it out if you plan on fitting any sort of wheels with those overs and being low anyway
  20. bwcress

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    I love me some total seal rings... anything I build gets them
  21. bwcress

    JZS147 Drift Limo

    Please stop with this cast manifold... throw it away... you might as well run stock manifolds with a jpipe
  22. bwcress

    Need Exhaust cam for 2jzgte!

    I have pm me what its worth to you including shipping
  23. bwcress

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    I didn't say it was a problem.... I'm just personally no longer content with 300hp (and with a stock 1uz you'd be lucky to make that)