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  1. Will Garrick

    Aero Type II?

    front bumper looked better before being butchered
  2. Will Garrick

    WTB x83 ecu

    7m? :s
  3. Will Garrick

    X pics only!!!!

    If its covered in gravel why not??^^I dont exactly what kind of point you guys are trying to prove..... JAFA(just another fucking australian)
  4. Will Garrick

    BLown 1jz Turbos?

  5. mmmm i love coors, wish we got it up here
  6. Will Garrick

    91 x8 1jz/r154 swap B.C Canada

    how are you not embarrased to show that front bumper set up around here..
  7. Will Garrick

    X pics only!!!!

    ^^^went sliding down the street from me where its closed off to local traffic only... slid the corner a few times practicing my line...dumb me didnt sweep the corner off first. tires caught gravel, sent me sliding backwards about 70 feet till I highcentered.. luckily there isnt much damage( trims a little bent and put a dent you can only feel on the rocker) tied my buddys cherokee off to a tree across the road and winched it out.
  8. Will Garrick

    X pics only!!!!

  9. Will Garrick

    2JZ-GE vs 2JZ-GTE Information

    I am indeed!
  10. Will Garrick

    2JZ-GE vs 2JZ-GTE Information

    At 8psi My jdm 2jzge feels like it has doubled in power with a street tune on greddy emanage blue(w/ gold software) should be tuning for 12 psi when i get a new job then Ill dyno it. shit hauls so happy! i think the big n/a cams also play a part S5 Rx7 550cc injectors Garret TO4E greddy e-manage blue 50mm wastegate
  11. the last one looks like one of those cadillac suv things from the rear
  12. Will Garrick

    X pics only!!!!

  13. Will Garrick

    American style tuning:

    shits fucked up, but who knows if he even wants back on? Id love to see him come back though forsure. My car would still be dead if it wasnt for him.
  14. Will Garrick

    1JZ cam gears - Old School HKS

    I was gonna say that!