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  1. StealthFighter

    My swagger wagon

    oh, very cool , what size diamonds u got there?
  2. StealthFighter

    X7 fitment: pics, tips, advice and all that

    the wheels i have right now are really from my z which i want to get back on the road, the size is 16x9f -16 and 16x9.5r -16, i want to order some wheels and i was going to get 16x10r and16x9f, undecided on offsets so far perhaps zero rear and -16 front...but i kinda want 16x10f and 16x12r now...with probable offsets around zero front and rear , i still have to do some measuring to make sure suspension components are not in the way...but my biggest question is.. what size tire should i go with , right now i have 205-50-16f and 205-55-16r i would probably still run 205-50 front but rear ??? any and all input is appreciated regarding tire sizes , offsets and height.... oh they're going on this, solid rear axle means no rear camber to worry about. i may not be lowering too much more but i might just for aesthetics...keep in mind fenders are not rolled outward at all.
  3. StealthFighter

    Broke as fuck...

    i've been on here for a bit...but i had nothing interesting to post , i'm gonna start a thread since i got a few things for the car and i'm also bored cus it's raining and shit. i got this car on craiglist for real cheap to be my dd ... i had no major plans, maybe an auto 2jzge swap diamond racing steels and just overall cleaning up...and keeping it running... day i got it: a few days later... just a few cosmetic things here and there, washing/cleaning ...boring gay shit. free motor.... the free tain continues!!! got this from a classmate for free...it needs to be rebuilt but it should be allright for the motor. the stock 5m still runs good, but has knocking on startup ... i will start to gather parts for this as time and budget allows , and i have to finish my datsun first and get my civic swapped and daily-able to get that good mpg to save $$$....
  4. StealthFighter

    MKII Supra 2JZ Swap

    damn , not too bad actually . reminds me of my z . i say keep going in the direction you're headed , not too flashy but has stuff where it counts.