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  1. MX73_01

    Project filthy. I can has new chassis plz?

    :mrgreen: geeez! lookin great as usual mark. i cant wait to see it done!
  2. no sorry. i forgot this thread existed. i junked it sorry
  3. MX73_01

    so the x73 is gone and this came along

    omg i wish, 400 plus hp in an s12= rolling death bed
  4. MX73_01

    so the x73 is gone and this came along

    correcto! im not going supercharged, im trying to find another mark 2 hood and i'l be turbo by christmas hopefully
  5. MX73_01

    so the x73 is gone and this came along

    I think said it runs off of 4 hamsters. close rich but its actually 6 :wink: its an S12 VG30
  6. so i got rid of the x73 and got this. ive been driving it for a couple of months now and tampa police hates me. its some crappy pics i know but i wanted to post it up. the sweet hood vent is for where the supercharger was going to go.
  7. MX73_01

    FS: Most badassest JZX83 stateside.

    this is one of the baddest x83 cressidas, i helped build the suspension withh ranlet on this car and it just simply feels amazing. the power that it makes and the looks it gets is just amazing. its completely worth the money hands down. you know id buy it ranlet if i didnt already get the s12. i wish it didnt have to go tho :cry:
  8. hahahahah do it mark, i like the new goodies. new cress is going to be super hot
  9. MX73_01

    MX29 MarkII 1JZ wagon thread - Love it or Hate it.

    :shock: holy shit.... im in love
  10. hahahahah calm down 2nd link didnt work btw
  11. MX73_01


    that thing looks crazy. good jorb!
  12. thanks mike, please finish your 1uz!!!
  13. Sorry bro. . Not trying to be a cock or anything, I was actually just wondering. . Trying to gauge actual interest in cressidas across north america. . Not trying to downplay your car. . G. heh sorry then for jumping conclusions :oops: but you know how the internet goes theres alot of people that really suck and bring shit down lol. i wish i had an offer like you had n.o. drifter i would take it in a heartbeat
  14. thats great that you picked them up for that price, but that has nothing to do withh my car like you said. if you havent seen the posts bellow the main one, i said im taking offers any offers. i dont care for 1500 i was seeing if i could get that, i just want this car gone because i need the driveway space for the new car that i bought. as for how "Mint" the car is, i have mranlet and aphexro to vouch for how much of a clean chassis this is period :wink: