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  1. 1uz_cressie

    My 1uzx83 budget build

    agreed, jealousy is an understatement
  2. 1uz_cressie

    My 1uzx83 budget build

    yeah the steering is in a issue (and yea being on the right here), that why its easier to run single turbs i would say that way your manifolds direct forward, then a single zorst down one side (left) i would love TT though, but then again i would love any turbos i would def prefer turbo over supercharger, but then the things involved and money becomes an issue ofcourse.
  3. 1uz_cressie

    My 1uzx83 budget build

    hey man, i spose with the turbo being where the battery is, the exhaust (right hand side) wont interfere with the steering anymore haha i can imagine the tight squeeze and yeah i thought the fuel lines would be an issue, at least you have worked around it, and yeah just smash on heaps of that heat shit awesome gla dto hear your finishing it, can't wait to see it, this is becoming inspirational and steering me away from supercharging haha,
  4. 1uz_cressie

    My 1uzx83 budget build

    just a question. i thinks its obvious your not having aircon? but anyway how are you gonna run your zorst (from the dump pipe back) i seem to have such limited space haha was there anything else you had to re-locate/modify to run those manifolds? but seriously i think it will be awesome once you finish, i know it seems like a money pitt but imagine the end result (orgasmic) i hope ya hang in there cant wait to see how it performs and goodluck with it all